How To Maintain Mobility With Age

While each person ages in a different way, there are a few undeniable changes that commonly occur as we start getting older. Slower reflexes and a decrease in flexibility are two. Balance issues also become a lot more common which mainly has to do with reasons that range from poor diet or inactive lifestyles. Visit Easypaymobility for help with mobility.

What Can Be Done To Protect Your Mobility?

Here are 6 suggestions you can explore:

– Lead A More Active Lifestyle

While it may seem that a sedentary lifestyle may decrease your risk of falls, it is actually the opposite. Those that become more sedentary will often experience decreased flexibility and lose strength in their core muscles. By making sure that you get up and move around, you are actively working towards protecting your mobility. 

– Get Regular Exercise

Many people are well aware that exercise is associated with heart health and decreasing the risks of a range of diseases, including diabetes and cancer. Exercising regularly will also help you to remain mobile and limber. It is also a great way to make improvements to your health and well-being during your retirement years. 

– Eat A Healthy Diet

Optimal nutrition can also help to protect your mobility. Seniors that eat poorly experience falls that are more disabling when compared to those that follow a balanced diet. Vegetables and fruits combined with lean protein are the foundation of a nutritional diet. If you need more information on eating well for your age, visit ChooseMyPlate from the Department of Agriculture in the U.S.

– Include Strength Training

A growing amount of research and evidence has shown that strength training maintains and improves core strength. Increasing muscle mass can also provide protection when it comes to staying mobile. Visit a fitness center in your area and ask a trainer to work with you so that you can learn about working with resistance bands. You can also talk to your doctor about programs such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Growing Stronger. 

– Perform A Home Safety Audit

Falls are one of the main causes of disabilities among seniors. Most of the falls that seniors experience usually happen in the home. By assessing your home, it becomes easier to correct or identify potential hazards. How To Conduct A Home Safety Audit For A Senior is one of the tools you might find informative when it comes to completing an evaluation. 

– Visit Your Doctor Regularly

This is our last tip to assist older adults when it comes to maintaining overall health and mobility. Find a doctor that you can talk openly with and make sure you schedule regular appointments. In this way, they can assist you with treating or identifying small issues before they turn into big ones.

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