How To Know If Studying Abroad Is Right For You (Or Your Child)

Going back to university or college, or in fact helping your child explore these options when the time comes, can be an all-consuming choice. Knowing whether further education is the right option for you can be very tricky; it can be almost impossible to know which path will benefit you the most.

Choosing to study abroad goes one step further than choosing to study in your home country. Not only will you be starting a new educational journey, but you will be doing so within the framework of a  brand new culture

So how do you know if studying abroad is right for you and your family? It’s time to dig deep and ask yourself the hard questions. In this post you will learn some questions to ask yourself if you are considering studying abroad rather than in your home country.

Will your studying abroad be about exploring somewhere new, or escaping somewhere old?

When you are feeling frustrated or stir crazy, it is easy to fantasize about running away to a new life. Studying abroad is a great option for so many people, but not if it is used as an escape route. In order to enjoy your studies abroad, you need to have an active interest in the country, city and culture in which you will be immersed. It’s not enough to be bored of where you are – you have to be excited about where you’re going, too.

Are you in a financial position to study abroad?

Studying abroad is more expensive than domestic study. International student fees are often thousands of dollars higher than domestic fees, and  international student loans can be difficult to find (although not impossible!). 

Whether it is you who is considering studying abroad or you are exploring this option on behalf of your teenage child, it is crucial that you look realistically at the cost of studying abroad. Different countries and individual institutions have varying financial plans and payment options, but the universal truth remains the same: studying abroad is an expensive endeavor.

What benefits would studying abroad have for your personal journey?

Studying abroad is a huge shift in your life, both physically and mentally. You will be immersed in a brand new way of life far away from home, bringing your own unique perspectives to the table and meeting fresh faces every single day. There are so many generally positive aspects to studying abroad, but this decision is about you, and nobody else. How would studying abroad help pave the way for a brighter future?

It could be that a specific university overseas offers a course that would help get you on the career ladder of your dreams; it may be that you wish to learn a new language to broaden your career horizons internationally; or perhaps you simply wish to  see more of the world and understand other ways of life. Whatever the reason, you need a good one, because study abroad is a big commitment to make if you aren’t totally sure about it.

In conclusion…

In conclusion, studying abroad is an awesome experience that will enrich your life in so many ways. However, there are big questions to be answered before you can decide for sure if studying abroad is right for you.

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