Capturing Your Destinations: Tips for Travel Memories

Why are you travelling? It could be to experience new cultures, get away from work and relax, or maybe just for an adventure. Whatever the reason, there is nothing more satisfying than coming back from a trip with great memories to share. There are many ways to capture your destinations on film: taking pictures and videos with your phone, using selfie sticks in front of landmarks you want to remember forever, or going old-school and carrying around a camera everywhere you go. This blog post will discuss some tips that will help make your travel memories even better.

Send Yourself Postcards From Your Travels

Buy some postcards from a souvenir store on the street so that you can write notes to yourself about what happened in each place. Then, send them to your home address or mail them back to yourself from the post office. You can also have stamps delivered right to your phone if you order with a service like Postagram so that no one will know where you are sending mail!

Digital Travel Photos

The latest smartphones and cameras are so advanced that it’s easy to create high-quality images. Travelers can carry around their phone or camera with them at all times, capturing moments throughout the day as they happen! Clear space on your disk by backing up photos to the cloud with Google Photos or Flickr services.

Make Travel Videos

Video is a great way to capture and enjoy your travel memories. As phones have evolved, so has the quality of videos they can record. You can create “movies” with your phone now! In addition, apps like Periscope and Snapchat make it easy for you to share moments from your trips directly on social media or live video streaming sites as they happen.

Refrigerator Magnets and Keychains

After your vacation, get some magnets with pictures of the places you visited. Stick them on your fridge as a decoration and to remind yourself about how great that trip was! You can also buy keychains or other small items from souvenir shops in each destination.

Keep Your Camera On at All Times- Photos Are Worth a Thousand Words!

If you’re carrying around a digital camera, be sure that the settings are set so that it takes pictures automatically as soon as it detects movement in front of its lens. You can also use apps like Camera+, which have settings for taking pictures in different types of lighting.

Talk to the Locals- They Will Give You the Best Tips!

Don’t be afraid to ask your taxi driver, waiter, or other strangers where the cool things are to see and do while visiting their city. They may not speak much English, but it’s worth a try! If that doesn’t work, use translation apps like Google Translate to have an easy conversation.

Bring Home Some Souvenirs for Your Friends and Family!

Bring back a keychain or necklace that has the country’s flag on it or a small figure of their favourite animal- anything that will remind them of your great time!


Travel memories are one of the best things about being a tourist. So the next time you set off on an adventure, think about these tips to capture your destinations!

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