How To Keep Better Control Of Blood Sugar For Diabetics

Are you a diabetic and are tired of always keeping a check on your diets, missing those forbidden foods and looking for sugar free alternatives for maintaining those few sweet moments in your life? Are you tired of going after every ray of hope in the form of homeopathic and ayurvedic medicine for diabetes?

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It is a sad situation but that is how a diabetic lives until death, but not anymore. According to the experts a person suffering from diabetes only has to follow a healthy and nutritious eating pattern to achieve some sort of control over your diabetes. But shouldn’t this be followed by every human being to avoid many health issues? Absolutely yes! But a person suffering from diabetes must do so more dedicatedly as compared to a normal or healthy person. The benefits of healthy eating for a diabetic can be:

  • Reduced weight
  • Maintaining the blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol between the healthy ranges.

But don’t fret. It’s not all that hard to eat healthy neither is the list of eat and don’t eat as long as you think. Just follow these five tips and start acting on them to immediately deal with your diabetes issues:

Choose your food wisely:

Next time you are about to have your food cast a critical eye over your plate. Following is how you should fill your plate:

  • Half a plate of vegetables
  • Quarter plate grains or starch
  • A light protein source for the remaining quarter.
  • Also most of your meals should have a fruits along with low fat milk or yogurt.
  • While buying grains choose the whole variety instead of the refined ones.

After knowing the above essentials in your plate check whether your plate is up to the mark and if not make the necessary changes in your eating pattern.

Check the size of your portions:

We are Indians. It is safe to say that the mothers and wives in our country always feel that their children and husbands are undernourished and tend to make them eat large portions of their favorite food. This is a very unhealthy habit not only for diabetics but for a healthy person also and must be reined in. It’s time we controlled our urges to eat those junks in big portions and instead increase the portions of healthy foods like vegetables, whole grains and dairy products

Including healthy oils and fats in your daily food:

Not all forms of fat are bad for your body. The main cause of unusual blood glucose, blood pressure and lipids is the saturated fats present in the body which causes increase in insulin resistance. Hence food with this type of fats along with Trans fat should be completely avoided by diabetics. Instead the intake of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats should be added to the daily food intake routine. Following is the way you can maintain the level of the good and bad and fat in your body:

  • Avoid cheese; butter, sour cream etc are these are major sources of saturated fat.
  • You can get more of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats through cooking oils made from vegetables, nuts or seeds.
  • Count your calories intake to keep a check on the fat level intake.

Increase the nutritious carbohydrates:

It is easy to for your sugar levels to reach high levels when we are always slurping and munching some or the other artificially sweetened culprits like fruit drinks, teas and coffees, syrup laden milk shakes, pastries to go etc. The sugar present in all these eatables are 100% carbs and if the amount of sugar in them is added up can reach up to 22-25 teaspoons a day for an adult. This much sugar a day is more than enough to mess up the sugar levels even of a healthy person. Instead of getting your daily necessary carbs from such sources you can get them from healthy sources like vegetables, fruits, dairy products that are low in fat, whole grains etc.

Other than controlling and maintaining your eating habits the habit of exercising is an effective antidote for diabetes.

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