How To Grow Plants In Water

Are you looking for a fun way to teach your children about plants and their roots? Look no further because I have a super easy and fun way for your children to watch the roots of a plant grow… in water! I recently plucked a root out from one of my favorite plants and placed it in a mason jar full of water. The kids and I placed it in a sunny window where they returned each morning to see if any of the roots had grown. After less than a week we were surprised to see that several roots had begun growing from the large root connected to the plant.

How To Grow Plants In Water

If you typically have a difficult time keeping your plants alive, I promise you that this is one of the easiest plants to maintain! All you have to do is change the water occasionally, as algae will start to form, but other than that you won’t need to do anything. Never again will you have to worry about over watering or forgetting to water your plant! Plus the kids are going to love seeing the results over time, have fun! If you are looking for a place to purchase some plants, you could always Explore the beauty of Hoya Obovata plant.

Steps For Growing A Plant In Water

  • Gently remove the plant from its pot.
  • Hold plant near the top of the root ball without pulling on any stems. Carefully separate the roots with your hand to remove most of the potting mix.
  • Rinse off roots under running room-temperature water to remove any potting mix.
  • Put the plant in a container of your choice. Place your plant like you would in soil, positioning the plant roots in the water and plant above the water.

How To Grow Plants In Water

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