Febreze Noseblind Review & Giveaway

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Febreze. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.
Febreze Noseblind Review & Giveaway #Noseblind

What Is Noseblind?

“The gradual acclimation to the smells of one’s home, car, or belongings, in which the affected does not notice them (even though their guests do).”

Since moving into our new home (where the kitchen is the center of the upstairs and accessible from the living and dining room) I have noticed that the scent of food is more predominant in the home. Any time we cook, bake, broil or burn something… it can be smelt throughout the entire upstairs. After living here for a few months however, I quickly became accustomed to that smell and it no longer bothered me. Only when I am gone for the entire day and return at night will I walk into my home and think “wow… I can still smell yesterday’s dinner in here!” Something I learned from participating in the Febreze Noseblind test is that Noseblindness does exist and that over time we become accustomed to those smells. Ever walk into someone’s home and think to yourself… how in the world can they live with that awful scent in their home? Chances are those in the home have become noseblind to that scent and are no longer aware of it! Luckily Febreze has a fantastic collection of products that does more than just mask those pesky scents, they actually work to eliminate them all together!

Febreze Noseblind Review & Giveaway #Noseblind

 Our Noseblind Test Night

As many of you may know, we welcomed our baby girl into this world just last week. Previous to that, I was a very pregnant mama that couldn’t do much but laze around and wait for baby to be born. We had some family stay with us for a few weeks so that they could be with the kids when it came time to deliver the baby. After a long day of shopping and getting last minute baby stuff, we were all exhausted and decided it would be a perfect movie night. We had grabbed a box of my favorite kettle corn that day and ended up popping a total of five bags that night! Needless to say… the house had a very strong popcorn scent throughout the entire upstairs. Once the movie was over, my mother and I went ahead and started using the Febreze products around the house. After lighting the candle, plugging in the Noticable, spraying the air, carpets and drapery the house was left with a wonderful aroma of these amazing Febreze products. You would have never known we has just indulged on five bags of popcorn, it was simply great how well the products managed to eliminate the odor. After I had the baby and was away for a few days, I returned home to a house that still smelled amazing!

One of my all time favorite products now is the Noticables, which I keep on low in an outlet near the kitchen. This has really helped to eliminate those scents from the kitchen that linger in the other rooms. Every time I walk into my home I can smell that refreshing scent coming from the Noticables, it’s even better when I walk past it in the hallway. What I love most about this product is that it lasts for quite some time, doesn’t get used up in less than a week like other brands I have tried. I have been using the other Febreze products for years and I was equally satisfied with the new collection I received. Overall these have been the perfect solution to eliminating odors in my home, as opposed to just masking them and I highly recommend them.

Febreze Noseblind Review & Giveaway #Noseblind

Now for the exciting part! One lucky fan is going to win the entire collection of Febreze products featured in this post as well as a $60 AMEX gift card!

Prize Package Includes:

  • 1 Febreze Air Effects
  •  1 Febreze Fabric Refresher
  • 1 Febreze Noticeables with refill
  • 1 Febreze Candle
  • 1 $60 AMEX Gift Card

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27 thoughts on “Febreze Noseblind Review & Giveaway

  1. I learned that I become noseblind to the odors around me and do not smell them. But when someone comes over they can smell the odors. I like the Febreze Air Effects because they really get rid of odors fast!

  2. I like the noticeables i place them int the bathrooms and in the living room they really keep the rooms smelling fresh

  3. I Absolutely Love the Febreze Plug-ins! I have been using them in my House for the Longest Time! We have Pets, 2 Cats & a Dog and I Love how it gets rid of the Odors in my Home & Leaves an Amazing Scent! When you go in Our Bathrooms you Can Not Even Smell the Litter Boxes At All! I also Love how Febreze has Different Ways to keep your home Smelling Fresh; they have Sprays, Candles, Plug-ins, & Even Something for the Odors in your Car! I Love that Febreze has Different Scents for the Holidays or the Summer; I Love they have such a Great Variety to Choose from! Thanks Febreze for this Opportunity & Have a Blessed Day! Jana

  4. I learned noseblindness can be from cooking and pets. I know with my 3 cats, I have it. I learned about febreze products such as fabric fresheners.

  5. I learned that Febreze can actually eliminate odors caused by food, pets, and more. I also learned that Febreze makes wax melts now, which I never knew!

  6. I learned that it is possible for my house to suffer from an odor infestation and that that is the first thing guests will notice. Not a good thing in my book.

  7. I learned noseblind is The gradual acclimation to the smells of one’s home, car, or belongings, in which the affected does not notice them.

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