How to Get Your Self-Esteem Back as a Mom

You’d be surprised to learn how many women feel bad about themselves. As grateful as they are to be mothers, it is essentially motherhood that has caused their self-esteem to slowly drop. Moms give so much of themselves (mental and physical health, finances, time, passions, etc) to their children, that after a while, it begins to alter how they feel about themselves. 

Many women have given up things they’re passionate about, stopped caring about their appearance, developed poor eating habits, sacrifice hours of sleep, and haven’t done things solely for their own peace and happiness for so long, that they are no longer happy with the woman they see in the mirror. 

Getting Your Sexy Back

How do you get back to the woman you once knew and loved? How can you feel great from the inside out? Is it even possible? While some women don’t discover these secrets until their children are grown and/or in college, the truth is there are ways to boost your confidence right away. 

Get Serious About Diet and Exercise

Your diet and physical activity can help to increase or lower your self-esteem. As women, it is common to neglect the importance of these factors as you tend to the needs of your children. You’ll skip meals to ensure your kids eat and your days are so inundated with tasks that you barely have time to work out. When this happens, however, you’ll find that your physical appearance starts to change and your self-esteem goes out the window as you take a look at the woman in the mirror

That’s why it is important for moms to get serious about diet and exercise. There are ways to do this without making it complicated. Create meal plans comprised of healthy recipes, shop at farmer’s markets for locally grown and organic produce, eat three meals a day, and drink plenty of water. As for exercise, you can wake up an hour earlier, take a few classes at a local gym, start exercising with the family (take the dog for a walk or go play sports at the park), or incorporate exercise throughout your day like working out at your desk, taking a walk during your lunch break, or working out while you clean the house. 

Change Your Outer Appearance

Lots of moms are reported to have a low self-esteem because of their appearance. Many women haven’t gone shopping for new clothes in years, have had the same hairstyle for months, or even struggle with signs of aging due to stress and overwhelm, but won’t do anything about it because they feel it is selfish or would dip into the funds they have available to tend to their kids. Though noble to put your children’s needs first, walking around with a pair of shoes with holes in them, a messy ponytail (while sometimes practical) every day, or the same oversized sweatshirts and baggy jeans from when years ago, can eat away at your self-esteem.

Changing your outer appearance is only half the battle, but it can really get you on your way to feeling better about yourself as a mom and woman. Look for deals and start piecing together a wardrobe. Buying one item every two weeks is a great way to ensure you don’t go overboard financially. You can go to the salon and get a new hairstyle that is trendy but also easy to maintain on your own. Lastly, you might even consider visiting experts like Beverly Hills’ Dr. Binder for chemical peels or botox to reverse those signs of aging. 

Learn Something New

When you become a mother, your life is kind of on autopilot. Everything you do is for the sake of your children. While you may grow confident as a mother, when it comes to how you view yourself as a woman, it is easy to feel down about yourself. This is because, outside of your children, you don’t feel as if you’ve accomplished anything. 

A great way to overcome this feeling and to feel better about yourself, why not try to learn something new? There are so many platforms now that you can use to gain access to just about anything you can imagine. Listen to an audiobook on the way to work about something beneficial, take an online course, watch a tutorial video, or read a few blog posts on topics you’re interested in. As you learn about new things and master skills in other areas, you’ll begin to feel more confident about yourself. 

When you become a mother, your role and responsibilities as they pertain to your children take the top of the cake. Though you’re happy to do all these things for your little ones, it leaves little time for you to work on your health and wellness. As a result, you begin to change physically and mentally which can lower your self-esteem. Take the advice listed above and begin doing things that make you feel good about more than just being a great mom, but about being an amazing woman as well. 

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