How to Deal With Summer Trips With Kids

How to Deal With Summer Trips With KidsSummer trips with kids in a shiny new car rental can definitely be fun, but they’re not always easy. Babies can start crying, toddlers can get cranky and fussy and pre-teens can get bored if there’s nothing to do. Luckily, there are some ways to help you beat the stress and make sure your kids are content during a long car ride. Follow these tips to ensure that everyone starts their summer vacation on the right foot!

Pack Some Snacks

Kids love eating snacks more than everything during a long car ride. However, make sure they don’t have too much sugar. The last thing you want is your kids getting too wired in the car. The key to this is balance. Pack them a mix of healthy and sweet snacks so they don’t get too cranky. Nevertheless, kids get crankiest when they don’t have things to eat. So, make sure to overpack snacks instead of toys.

Give Them Some Entertainment

During summer trips with kids, the one thing that definitely causes crankiness is boredom. Load up on the electronics for the long car ride. Bring portable DVD players, iPods, tablets and whatever else you think they like. You can pack some of your child’s favorite movies for the trip or you can download them on a tablet using Netflix if you have it. New movies they haven’t seen are a bonus.


Make sure you socialize on trips with kids to beat the boredom. If their getting too whiny, get in the back seat with them. A little face-to-face contact, hand games or a few tickles here and there can help calm a baby or toddler down. Bring on the family fun!

Tune out the Tears

On long car trips with kids, sometimes crying can be inevitable. In some cases, you might not be able to stop it either no matter what you do. At this point, your only option is to try to tune out the tears. Remind yourself that your child safe in the car and the crying will eventually stop.

Pack Travel Toys

Pack your child’s favorite toys, plus ones that you know will keep them busy for a few hours. Magnetic and Aquadoodle boards can get your kids creative juices flowing. Or, try a Rubix cube. It’ll take them forever to solve that. For toddlers, try new toys. Anything that amazes them will definitely keep their attention for a long ride.

Pack Extra Clothes

In case your baby has a big diaper blowout in the car, pack extra clothes for him or her in your suitcase. Make sure you bring a trash bag for dirty clothes diapers, so they don’t stink up the car rental.

Take Your Toddler’s Blanket and Pillow

If you’re going on long car trips with kids, don’t be surprised if your toddlers fall asleep in the car. Bring their favorite blanket and pillow to keep them comfortable. Kids like to have their personal things with them, especially when they’re going to a strange new place. This is extra important if your road trip includes an overnight stay.

Best Cars to Rent with Kids

Before setting off on your road trip, make sure that you choose the right rental car for your family. We’ve picked some of the best cars out there that provide extra leg room, adequate cargo space and are car seat friendly. Check out EasyRentCars car rental summer deals to see if you qualify for a discount on one of these family-friendly vehicles:

Ford Edge

Passenger capacity: 5

Car-seat capacity: 3

The Ford Edge is perfect for any family bringing little kids on a road trip. It’s big enough for you to install three car seats, which you might need if you have twins or multiple babies. The cargo area is also larger than that of most other vehicles in this category, which is great for luggage. Fold down the backseats and see what’s in store. Don’t worry about space—they lie flat enough for you to fit multiple suitcases inside the car.

Volkswagen Atlas

Passenger capacity: 7

Car-seat capacity: 5

Great for a big family, the Volkswagen Atlas provides lots of third-row legroom and is easy to drive. It’s understandable to feel intimidated by the car’s size, but the steering wheel is actually simple to maneuver, which makes parallel parking into tight spaces not so difficult. Installing car seats is also a breeze. Atlas is equipped to easily access a seat’s LATCH system, which provides extra security for your baby in the car.

Chevrolet Traverse

Passenger capacity: 7 to 8

Car-seat capacity: 4

The Chevrolet Traverse ensures absolute comfort for kids, fuel efficiency and easy driving. Kids sitting in the second and third rows have a lot of leg room, plus a spacious cargo area to fit their suitcases and toys. If you plan to do some water sports on your trip, this car has enough space to pack equipment too. If your kids are using electronics in the car, you don’t have to worry about them fighting to use the charger either. The Chevrolet Traverse has 6 USB ports to save the day.

Honda Odyssey

Passenger capacity: 7 to 8

Car-seat capacity: 5 to 6

The Honda Odyssey offers lots of family perks. The rear-row head restraints make car seats easier to install. They are adjustable in several ways and work great with car seats’ LATCH system. The Odyssey’s “Magic Slide” system also makes the mini-van more kid-friendly. It allows you to move second row seats apart to give kids more personal space, or you have the option push them together, so passengers can climb into the third row.

Search for These Family-Friendly Vehicles on EasyRentCars

See—driving with kids doesn’t have to be so bad. Keep them happy with snacks, electronics, socialization and toys and let your car rental do the rest. You can search for any of the cars we mentioned on EasyRentCars. Its Price Compare lets you search hundreds of car rentals in destinations around the world. Wherever you decide to go on a road trip with your kids, make sure you have a great time and a smooth ride.

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