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How To Create A Stylish Family Garden

The garden area is the perfect place to enjoy valuable time with your loved ones. However, a child-friendly garden is often thought of as one that holds a huge trampoline and a lawn worn into submission by ball games, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. You can still have a stylish family garden with a little creativity.

So how can you plan out a family garden? In a larger garden, you can create different areas to accommodate everyone’s needs. But in a smaller garden, the layout needs to be more strategic. This article outlines the best tips to create a stylish and family friendly garden area.

Decide on sections

The first things you need to do are plan out the areas of the garden and decide how you are going to use them. Take out a large sheet of paper and sketch out a design, take into account all of the things you want your garden to do. You want somewhere for the grown up to relax somewhere to hang the washing and a place for the children to play.

Children’s area

Make sure the children’s play area is somewhere your kids will want to hang out and play; this saves them from demolishing the rest of the garden. Add in a swing ball post, football goal or climbing frame and keep it away from your delicate flower bed. A shed is a great addition to enable a space to store all of the children’s bikes and toys, especially in winter to avoid them getting wet. Get creative with their area; you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fun garden play space.

Grown-up’s area

The grown-ups area is just as important and it’s a great place to entertain friends, relax alone or enjoy outside BBQ’s. You could even use it to start a herb garden or vegetable patch. A patio or decking area is a great place to put a solid outside dining table. Make sure to check out this garden furniture sale so you can get pieces at a great price. Consider pretty lights to enable you to sit out in the evening and if you enjoy the sun, add in a lounger or two.

Use vertical space

If you’re worried about flowers getting trampled on with children around, make the use of vertical space. Climbing roses and plants that grow skywards and up trellis are great for upwards decoration. Hanging flower pots are also a great alternative and you can hang baskets from fences and walls. It injects color and fragrance into your garden and looks very stylish.

Hard-wearing lawns

Green lawns make the difference between a sloppy and extravagant looking garden. It can be difficult with dogs, children and unpredictable weather to keep the lawns green all year round. Artificial grass is a great way to ensure your garden always has that crisp and fresh look. They require no maintenance and are great for gardens that suffer from problem areas such as shade or poor soil that stops they grass from looking its best. You can turn it into a DIY project and transform the lawn yourself, see here how to install fake grass.

Clear rules

It’s important to educate and outline rules for your garden space to your children. For example, outline that the patio doesn’t mark the edge of their goal post- it is a place for sitting and eating together- and that the BBQ is like a hot oven, so only the grown-ups can touch. Show them their area and all the things they can do in their space. Also, train dogs to urinate up a pee post to help keep the garden fresh and clean.

4 thoughts on “How To Create A Stylish Family Garden

  1. Hello Heather, I am fond of creating garden. I like to make the garden beautiful and stylish. You have described such awesome tips. I will try some of them. Thanks and keep posting.

  2. Artificial grass is a great way to have an easy to care for lawn that always looks good. I love your idea of a vertical flower garden. That’s a great way to keep your flowers longer. I for one love hanging baskets.

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