How to Choose the Best Cat and Dog Food

Millions of households up and down the country are home to furry friends, most notably cats and dogs. If you have both animals, knowing what to feed your pets can be a challenge. From hypoallergenic cat food to raw dog food, here is a guide on how to select the best dog and cat food for your pets.

How to Pick the Best Cat Food

Unlike humans who base food on taste, cats select their food based on a number of other factors. These include texture, smell, and how they feel once they begin to digest it. For your cat to be healthy and in the best shape possible, it’s important to give them meat. This is because cats need particular amino acids like taurine, which can only be found in fish and meat. Without it, your feline friend could get seriously ill.

One of the best ways to ensure your cat is eating healthily is by buying cat food from Reveal. Reveal’s cat food is made with 100% natural and truly limited ingredients, which your cat is sure to love. Reveal carefully choose their ingredient suppliers and are placed on PETA’s approved list, meaning you can have peace of mind that your feline friend is getting high-quality food.

How to Pick the Best Dog Food

When it comes to what food to give your dog, there is an overwhelming number of options. From homemade food to raw meat, there are some pointers that can lead you in the right direction. If you want to give your canine companion dry food, this will depend on your pooch’s dietary needs. One of the main advantages of dry dog food is you do not have to refrigerate it. This is because it contains roughly 90% dry matter and 10% water.

Wet dog food is another option you can consider for your pooch. Although it will cost slightly more when compared to dry food, wet dog food is more palatable and can stimulate the appetite of the pickiest of eaters. Wet dog food has a higher amount of fresh meat, fish, poultry, and animal by-products. The best wet dog food will depend on your canine’s life stage, breed, and if they have any special allergies or dietary needs.

Factors to Consider

Once you’ve found the right cat and dog food for your pets, there are other factors to take into account. Too little or too much food can harm your cats and dogs, so you’ll need to establish the breed, age, type, health, and lifestyle of your pets first.

Also, you don’t want to be spending a fortune on pet food. With some cat and dog foods, it will only set you back £140 a year, whereas other brands can see you paying over £800 annually.

We all want our dogs and cats to lead a happy and fulfilled life. A huge part of that is achieved by what type of food you give them. If you’re still unsure of what food to give your cat and dog, it’s wise to speak to your vet.

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