How Periodic Maintenance Can Increase the Life of Your Vehicle

Periodic maintenance or servicing of your car is very important for the vehicle’s overall well-being and your safety. A new car is reliable when it drives out of the showroom. But then, it falls upon you to take good care of it so that it keeps up the excellent performance which was promised initially. Periodic maintenance will ensure that the car is inspected and any problems encountered are being resolved right away. You can do some aspects of the regular maintenance by going through the user’s manual. 

Ideally, it is advised for owners to take their car for a maintenance check-up every six months or so. For new cars, the advice might be to go for a service appointment when your car hits a distance of 10,000 km. If you would like to be on the safe side, you can go ahead and get it checked when it hits 5,000 km. Ideally, periodic maintenance appointments are often set up based on the distance covered by the car. 

5,000 Km

While you should not neglect to check your car by yourself every now and then for any visible issues, the time to go to see a professional would be when your car hits a distance of 5,000 km.  This maintenance would entail checking on the vitals of the car like the engine parts and refilling the diminished fluid quantities. 

The engine would not give you any difficulty but it is good to have it checked nonetheless. The replenishment of fluids would include filling up the coolant and washer fluid for the windshield. This service appointment will be ideal to look for any problems with electronics in the car or some external polishing. Checking the tires would also be an essential aspect of your first car maintenance. 

10,000 Km

For new cars, manufacturers recommend the first service at this time.  Since this is a significant distance, your car is expected to have encountered a certain amount of wear and tear. The check-up would include that of the engine, tires, and the air and oil filters. The engine oil will also need to be changed based on the viscosity grade mentioned by the manufacturer. 

Minor replacements like that of the air filter and the pollen filter of the air conditioning unit are to be expected. This will give you effective cooling especially after traversing long distances. When it comes to tires, you would have to look into wheel alignment, balancing, and rotation. You can also choose to touch up the exterior by waxing the car. If you want to add led tail lights custom, this is a good time to do so. 

15,000 Km

This is another session of periodic maintenance that you cannot miss. By the time your car covers this distance, there would be significant wear and tear of the parts and some of the parts might even need replacement. Some of the aspects that need to be covered would include checking the brake pads, fluid level, transmission, spark plugs, steering, and cleaning the disc rotor. Other parts that need to be checked are the fuse, clutch, and bulbs. 

If your car is displaying any warnings and you have not had it checked by a professional before the maintenance appointment, this would be a good time to pay attention to them.  The car battery would also need to be checked, the terminal cleaned, and checked for the right voltage. This would be the right time to see if any replacement was recommended by the manufacturer when the car covers this distance. Do not neglect a thorough interior and exterior cleaning. 

The Benefits of Periodic MaintenanceHow Periodic Maintenance Can Increase the Life of Your Vehicle


There are multiple ways in which your car will thank you if you stick to periodic maintenance. Here is how p[eriodc maintenance helps your vehicle:

1. Extends your Car’s Life

Regular checkups by a mechanic are essential for your car’s good health. Your car will not break down in the middle of the road if it is regularly checked and fixed by a mechanic. Setting aside time and money for car maintenance will save the expense of costly repairs and replacements. Preventative check ups are better than expensive cures. 

2. You will be Safer

A car is supposed to protect you while you are inside it. So, it is necessary that you do not neglect small problems that can become big issues. Maintaining your tires and engine will help you stay safe during your drive. 

3. Saving Money 

As mentioned above, if you incur the cost of repairs and replacements when they are spotted during the maintenance, it will cost you less than unexpected problems. Minor problems can be solved more easily and effectively whereas you will have to face a hefty bill for major replacement and repairs. Save your time and money with periodic maintenance. 

Regular Inspections in Periodic Maintenance

  • Tires: You cannot prevent wear and tear of the tires. But you can make sure that all tires are wearing out equally. The air pressure, wheel alignment, and rotation of the tires are essential for smoother drives. This will not take up a lot of time and will also improve your gas mileage. 
  • Fluids: The fluids need to be refilled from time to time to ensure the engine remains cool, the lubricant keeps up its work and the windshield remains spotless. Over time, the fluid levels decrease and their effectiveness is reduced. Replacing or refilling the fluids periodically is thus important. 
  • Oil Change: Oil change should never be neglected for as long as you have a car. It is important to change the oil every 4,000 miles to keep your engine functioning properly.

The Takeaway

Now you know when, how, and why periodic maintenance of your car is important. You can do routine checkups yourself to see if your car needs immediate attention by a professional in case you encounter a visible problem. Never miss regular maintenance appointments and set up a time on your calendar for the same.

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