9 Tips To Make Your Nursery Room Safer For Baby

An upcoming baby can be an exciting phase for parents, and part of the preparations is creating the ideal nursery room for their child. You might look forward to designing and decorating the nursery room. During the preparations, you might go on a shopping spree to find furniture, accessories, and décor to ensure the ideal environment for your baby.

Aside from the functional and aesthetic aspects, the nursery’s safety should also be your priority. It’s a crucial consideration to ensure your baby will stay safe and secure. If you’re currently designing a nursery room or will soon have one, here are several tips to make the space safe for your baby at all times.

Choose A Durable Crib 

If you’re going to check the market, you’ll find a vast selection of cribs in various designs and styles. It can be hard to narrow down your choices and decide on the right one. Make it a priority to select a crib that’s safe and durable.  

 You need to test the durability of a crib you’re considering and choose one that could grow along with your child to save money. 

If you’re considering a complete set with the basics such as a crib, cabinets, and décor, checking out a selection of baby cot packages from reliable providers is a good starting point. 

Look For A Safe Changing Table 

Today, you can find cribs equipped with a changing table, but you can also get a separate one. When using a changing table, you should be able to securely attach the safety belt.

The table should have railings to contain your baby in the space. When not in use, make sure to keep the belt to prevent your baby from clinging to it. Additionally, if you’re using a second-hand changing table, inspect for nails, exposed splinters, or staples that can injure your child.

Position The Crib Away From Windows 

It’s not safe to position the crib near windows. Always remember that there’s a risk for the glass in the window to break. Additionally, once they learn how to, your child might climb and fall from the window.

If you have no other choice but to position the crib near a window, consider adding window guards as a safety precaution. Use one with a latch so you can readily open it in case of fire.  

Be Careful With Curtains 

Over the years, there have been accidents due to cords resulting in strangulation. With this in mind, you need to be careful with the window coverings you’ll place in the nursery.  

When using blinds, you should choose the cordless options. Additionally, if you’re going to put up curtains, they should be at the proper height that’s out of your baby‘s reach. Remember that there’s a risk that the rod might fall on them. 

Provide Proper Lighting And Ventilation 

The nursery room should have good lighting and ventilation. During the installation of lights, make sure that they’re capable of illuminating the room properly. Good ambient lighting is essential but make sure it doesn’t produce too much glare. You also need this lighting when your baby wakes up in the early morning hours.  

Ventilation is also an important consideration in the nursery to ensure the right environment for your baby. Consider installing an air filter to eliminate any undesirable particles or chemicals in the room.

Ensure A Safe Crib Environment 

Your child will spend most of the time in the crib upon arriving home. With this in mind, you need to keep the crib area safe at all times. Avoid filling the space with stuffed toys, especially those that can cause choking.  

Don’t use a mattress that’s too soft. You might want to add a blanket, but it’s best not to place one since it can entangle around your baby. 

Make sure the mattress in the crib is firm with tight-fitting sheets and a crib liner. Keep any toys away from the crib area, especially during bedtime.   

Secure Furniture Properly 

Once the crawling phase starts, expect your baby to reach out to objects or even climb on furniture. Some might even resort to stepping on drawers to reach the top, which can be dangerous.  

Make sure you’re ready for this phase by fastening all the furniture in the nursery room properly. Utilize brackets to secure the furniture to the wall. Avoid placing objects on top of furniture which a baby can rock, push or climb on.  

Proper Storage Of Baby Care Items 

As the curiosity level of your baby increases, any object around will be interesting, including care products such as powder and cologne. Avoid the potential poisoning risk by storing all baby care products out of reach. If you’re going to keep the products under the changing table, secure them with a lock.  

Use Outlet Covers 

When safety proofing your nursery, an outlet cover is one of the essentials. The covers will prevent your baby from putting their fingers inside the outlet to avoid electrocution.  

Additionally, make sure to keep cords and wiring off the floor since they can pose a trip hazard. When you have electric lines on the floor, you might find your child pulling on the cords or even biting on them, which can be dangerous. 


Always make safety the priority when preparing a nursery room for your upcoming bundle of joy. With the help of these tips, you’ll work on the proper steps in keeping your nursery a safe and accommodating space for your baby.

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