How Girls Build Muscle

Apart from the obvious health benefits that you get from building muscle, you also get a boost in confidence. It’s no wonder then that people of all ages now engage in muscle building.

There is a common misconception that muscle building is for men. This is not true, as women can also build their muscles as much as men. Though, it is true that it is more difficult for women to build muscle than men. This is because men have higher amounts of testosterone than women and testosterone is the major hormonal driver for muscle growth.

Estrogen is another hormone that stimulates muscle growth, and we all know women have higher estrogen levels than men. So, women make up for their low levels of testosterone with estrogen which helps them in muscle growth.

In your quest to get that well-developed muscle, it is vital that you get correct information to help you. Going about muscle building the wrong way can lead to unpleasant outcomes. There are a lot of magazines and articles out there that can help you. Websites like La Fitness Reviews provide fitness tips as well as advice on which equipment to get that will help you. Getting helpful information cannot be overemphasized.

So, here are a few things that you have to pay attention to for optimum results.

Strength Training

Strength training is the most important thing for anybody trying to build muscle. Some people fall into the trap of focusing on cardio workouts alone. You will only gain a small increase in your muscle mass if you focus on cardio activities like cycling or jogging. So, if you are serious about building your muscle, you need to take strength training very seriously. These SARM pills are really good choice if you are focusing on bulking, cutting and strength. 

There are various types of strength training workouts you can do. Some options are body-weight exercises, resistance band, resistance training machines and free weights. It is imperative that the type of exercise you do is challenging enough. This is what gives you that muscle growth you want. I have also found a really great resource if you need help calculating protein for muscle growth.

While you can do individual exercises, if you want to improve the result you get, engage in compound exercises. Some compound exercises are bent-over rows and deadlifts, pull-ups and push-ups, lat pull-downs and shoulder presses, and lunges and squats.

Program Planning

There are two different ways to approach a strength program. You can engage in whole body workouts, or you do split routines. Whole body workout requires you to work each of the major muscle groups. You perform the whole body workout for 3 days in a week, alternating the days.

For split routines, you work independent muscles on different days. For example, you work arms and legs on Monday, shoulders, and chest on Wednesday, and biceps and back on Friday. You can use any of these two approaches to strength training, though, split routines are used more often than the whole body workouts.

Whatever program you choose, it is essential that the exercises are done correctly. You should perform the exercises for 6 to 12 reps and have a period of rest between each set. This rest period should be between 30 to 60 seconds. If you are getting fatigued by the last two or three reps, then, you are using the right weight. If not, then, you need to change the weight you are using.

Exercise progression

Exercise progression is often underestimated. Most people stick to the same workout intensity for a long time. You cannot guarantee optimum results this way. It is important that your muscle experiences an increasing stress intensity. Your body adapts to the workout you perform, so, it is important to constantly increase the intensity to ensure you keep getting the benefits of your workout. You can do this by reducing rest period between sets, increasing workout repetitions or increasing weight.


Your diet is one of the most important factors that affect how much your muscle grows. It is also the easiest thing to ignore. Most people believe that muscle building is done only in the gym. As a woman who is focused on building muscle, your diet is very important and requires special attention. We all know that protein helps in the repair of muscles while carbohydrate gives us energy.

Eating not more than necessary will not suffice if you are determined to gain muscle mass. It is important that your muscles get the right amount of nutrients needed for maximum growth benefits. Women engaging in strength training need a daily protein intake of about 0.91 grams per pound of body weight. To get the best result from your strength training, take about twenty grams of protein ideally in the form of soy or whey protein after every workout.

Fats are usually scapegoats in the fitness world. Many do not know that fats also help in building muscle. They provide a good foundation for the production of hormones that help in muscle growth. Though, fats should be consumed in moderation because they are very dense in calories.

If you do not see results from your intense strength training, then, perhaps you need to pay more attention to your diet.

Take Rest Seriously

Like diet, rest is also one thing that most people do not pay enough attention to. Your muscles are broken down during your workouts and are repaired while you are resting. It is important that you plan recovery days into your week. You can hinder the results you get from your workout if you do not take enough rest.


Some people may tell you that building muscle for a woman is extremely difficult. Do not listen to them as with the right information and determination you can build your muscle. It is important that you follow correct routines to get the result you want.

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