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Amazon Prime ReadingWorld’s biggest online retailer, Amazon has crossed all its boundaries with success with the introduction of Amazon Prime. Amazon prime has brought all the dreams of all customers true with exclusive amazon coupons for prime members. Amazon Prime is a membership program for all customers to enjoy faster delivery, unlimited video streaming etc., The biggest and most known service of this Amazon prime membership is the Amazon prime reading.

Amazon prime reading service has won millions of people’s heart through its vast library and collections. It has millions of books in its library. Amazon is considered to be the world largest online library with the best classics and titles. Be fully ‘booked’ with the bestsellers with huge discounts at the Amazon Prime Reading. Bestseller authors like Paulo Coelho, David Baldacci; autobiographies like The Autobiography of George Muller, The unfinished autobiography by Alice A. Bailey; debut authors like Jason Matthews, Katja Millay etc.,

prime service cost of service
Prime reading (prime members) per month $10.99
prime reading per year $99

Prime reading compatible devices :

Prime reading is compatible on various devices like the below:

  • iPhone through kindle app
  • Fire tablet
  • Android smartphone or tablet
  • kindle e-reader
  • kindle oasis and many more

Top trending books in prime reading:

1) Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger
This book by Kent Kruger is given the title:
•    New York Times bestseller

  • Winner of the 2014 Edgar awards for best novel
  • Winner of the 2014 Dilys award
    • A school library journal best book of 2013.
  • Available with Amazon promo code for books

2) I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou:

>Ranked as the number 1 best seller in Classic American Literature.

> You can also read this book in Kindle edition at $4.24 with the Amazon Kindle books

>If you are an Audible member, then get this books audiobook 


Book Specification
Writer Angela nikaleu
Publisher Ballantine Books
Language English
Customer review 4.5
Genre Literature and fiction, biography


  • This book’s foreword was written by Oprah Winfrey. In I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou recounts the story of her life up to the birth of her child. Though she faces many hardships in her life, including being raped and living in a junkyard, she’s able to find love and happiness as a mother. It is joyous, painful, mysterious and memorable. Avail this with the Amazon promo code or the Amazon voucher code.

3) With the end in mind: dying, death and wisdom in an age of denial by Kathryn Mannix:
get the Amazon promo code for books for the With the end in mind, rated as the Sunday time’s best seller. It is considered to be the best book which got shortlisted for the welcome book prize. This book retails for £9.08 under the Amazon book offers

Property Description
Actual price $4.69 with the Amazon promo code
Discount offered free
Genre Family & lifestyle Anaesthetics
Publisher William Collins
Rating 5
  1. This book revolves around one of the biggest taboos in the society, the death.
  2. It is a biography by Kathryn Mannix where the lady tells the readers her experiences in her clinic and how approaching death feels like.

Student offers: Amazon has a large range of book collection. Amazon provides students with many benefits like the Amazon Student. Like prime, Amazon Student also allows users with special benefits. Now with Amazon Student get access to millions of books and Amazon promo code for books in the Amazon library. Avail the Amazon book offer codes and Amazon Kindle books at exclusive discounts.

Happy reading with Prime Reading: Enjoy and update your reading experience with the Amazon Prime Reading. Make the best out of the Prime reading advantages with the Amazon promo code, Amazon voucher code and other offers. Happy reading!

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