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Holiday Party Planning on a Budget

Looking to throw an amazing holiday party but don’t have a lot of cash? That’s not as big a problem as you might think. Follow this guide to throw a successful low-budget party this holiday season.

  1. Throw Your Party at Home

When planning a great party, you might be tempted to rent out a crazy cool venue to impress your guests. If you’re on a budget, though, this is a terrible idea. A party can be great no matter where you have it, so don’t waste your money on the location.

Throwing the party at your house not only saves you money, but it also adds a sense of comfort and puts your guests at ease. Furthermore, when you throw a house party, you’re free to decorate however you prefer, play your music as loud as you want, and be as mild or as wild as you choose. Speaking of decorations, never discount the appeal of homemade DIY decorations; they are inexpensive, and done right, they look amazing.

  1. Have Guests Bring Their Favorite Holiday Treat

If your budget is tight, don’t opt for a sit-down, four-course dinner. Instead, provide a few delicious, low-cost options for your guests, and then ask them to bring along their favorite holiday treat. All your guests have their own favorite sweet treat or savory dish from their own childhood celebrations, and most of the time, people love sharing those with others. This is a great way to feed your guests without spending a ton of money on food. Plus, a great party is all about the alcohol anyway.

  1. Don’t Skimp on the Alcohol

A great party needs good drinks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money. Stock up on cheaper beer and wine from club stores where you can buy them in bulk. As for the liquor for your cocktails and mixed drinks, buy it from wholesale merchants where the prices are much cheaper. Furthermore, plan the majority of your cocktails around the less expensive liquors. There are some adorable holiday cocktails that will wow your guests without breaking the bank.

Also, if you want to be remembered as the greatest party host of all time, provide party guests with a hangover recovery kit to take home with them to help ease the next day. Treat these as party favors – cute, holiday bags or baskets filled with aspirin, lip balm, bottled water, antacids, sports drinks with electrolytes, eye drops, gum/mints, and any other item your guests might need after a night of partying.

  1. Buy in Bulk and Use Coupons

Remember to buy as many of your items as possible, including food, drink, gifts, et cetera, in bulk from online or wholesale club stores to save money. Also, don’t forget to check online for coupons and other great deals. Sites like Groupon or can save you a ton of money if you just take the time to peruse them.

  1. Have a Fun, Gift-Themed Game for Guests to Play

Be it Dirty Santa, Musical Gifts, or a Timed Book Swap, make sure your holiday party has a gift-giving element to it. When you send out your RSVPs, make sure that you mention whichever type of game you plan on playing. These gifts do not have to be expensive at all. These games are more about the fun had while playing them. You can make them themed (i.e. – book swap, Gift of Thrones, naughty gift swaps, etc.) or simply tell your guests to pick up a gift under a certain dollar amount.

If money is especially tight, no money has to be spent at all. There is a great re-gifting game you can play with your guests that only requires them to bring something they already have in their homes – a gift they received but didn’t like, something they picked up for themselves at a sale and never used, etc.

These are just a few of the things you can do if you need to plan a completely lit party on limited funds. Just have fun. Be creative. Shop at wholesale and discount stores, and buy in bulk. And whatever you do, don’t forget the hangover recovery kits. Your guests will thank you for them in the morning.

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