Hobbies For Kids That’ll Help Build Core Skills

Hobbies are great things to grow up with. If your child has a bona fide way to express their passion, they’re not going to be running wild with no way to use up their excess energy! And when the hobby is a fun one, anyone can join in regardless of their age! So why not get your children interested in some more hobbies that will help them to build core skills? 

There are a lot of benefits involved in learning in the home and outside of school, and fun activities will always be a better way to get kids involved! As such, here are some great hobbies that will help your child to pick up some life skills from a young age.

Making Their Own Costumes

Children usually love to play dress up. Getting into costume and pretending to be other people is a great way for them to express themselves and their feelings at a young age. And as a parent, it’s always nice to see your child having fun! But a lot of the costumes they wear can be shop bought, whereas learning to make the costumes is a much better way to develop their core skills. 

After all, sewing is a great life skill to have. They can mend and fix old clothes and come up with unique fashion pieces no one else in the world has – how cool is that?! And if you know how to sew yourself, this is a great bit of knowledge to pass down. Give them more blunt needles to begin with, make sure they’re using chunky off cuts of thread, and take on little projects together. 

Fun with Calligraphy

Sure, kids might be a little young to pen a whole manuscript like a medieval monk, but calligraphy can open the writing world for them. You can show them how to use pens, pencils, and crayons in interesting, relaxed, and fun ways. You can make banners and posters together to hang on the walls, as well as help your child strengthen the muscles in their hands and arms. 

And these are all great benefits to have at a young age! So to get started, check out online magazines like Pennifeather to find some kid-friendly writing implements and then get the paper out. Join in with your child to show them different ways of holding the pen, and even watch a tutorial together. Kids love being able to scribble things out, so this won’t be a hard activity to get them interested in. 

Going Nature Watching

Getting outside is never a bad thing, but sometimes kids can find it a bit boring. If you’re just going for a walk, for example, you can hear a lot of complaints from the back of the group! But if you take your kids outside to watch and participate in nature, they’re going to find time outside a lot more enjoyable. 

So, give them a pair of binoculars and a book to write things down in and get them to look to the skies. See what birds they can spot, and then get them to note what they look like, and even draw them out. Take them through forests and fields to look for signs of wildlife, and get them to tell you all about how the beetles in the ground live. 

Putting Memories in a Scrapbook

Finally, teaching your kids how to scrapbook is a great way to give them little memory banks. They can dip into these books whenever they want to experience a fun memory again, and you can help to strengthen their core memory at the same time. You also get the chance to teach them that reflecting on past times can be a good thing, and that being able to share and express their feelings is a necessary part of life. 

Buy them an album to put their scrapbooking efforts in and then give them paper crafting items to add. Plenty of glitter and beads alongside old receipts/leaflets from places you’ve been or events you’ve all attended together. If it looks fun, they’ll keep adding to it! 

Building core skills is a big part of a child’s life. The more chances they have to strengthen these skills (such as using their hands and knowing where they are in the world), the more adept they’ll be as they grow. And hobbies are often the best way to encourage your child to keep trying – fun goes a long way!

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