Experience Unforgettable Weekend in Dubai

Dubai is a hub of excitement and thrill. You can visit Dubai to experience fun-filled weekends. 

Dubai is a buzzing city that offers several thrilling activities. Visit Dubai on the weekend if you want to experience the thrill and entertainment of the weekend.

Dubai is a popular vacation spot. It blends culture with exciting activities. 

This city offers tourists some unforgettable experiences. In this article, we shall discuss some of the unforgettable experiences that tourists can have to make their trip to Dubai memorable.

1) Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek 

Indulge in an array of thrill and pleasure by experiencing the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek It features one and a half hours of a cruise across the territorial waters. 

It offers soul-touching views of the iconic structures and landmarks of Dubai.

Enjoy a cruise along Dubai Deira Creek, watch the souks, then board the Creek Dhow cruise Dubai for a mesmerizing experience.

A buffet-style dinner including exclusive starters, the main course, and lip-smacking desserts is like a cherry on top.

Enjoy the exciting live dance performances, including the ‘Tanura’ during this exciting journey.

Enjoy the spectacular night views of this city while you sail through the waters and enjoy a delicious dinner amidst the aesthetic ambiance.  Dubai Creek has been a significant part of the history of Dubai. Significant landmarks and structures on the two sides of Dubai Creek offer breathtaking views.

Know about the city’s culture and history, and witness the night views during your trip through the pristine waters. 

Get access to the open-air upper deck and feel the breeze and get the night views of the structures as you sail. You can also choose to stay in the air-conditioned lower deck.

The Tanura Dance enhances the exciting experience. A professional artist performs it. 

You get a chance to explore the talent of other local artists through their enchanting dance performances.

2) Dubai Marina Yacht Tour 

Enjoy the spectacular coastline of Dubai and engage yourself in enjoying the iconic attractions in the Dubai Marina from exclusively designed yachts. It has several yacht companies that offer luxurious options to explore the coastline.

 Get a world-class crew by choosing the best yacht company. Ride luxurious party yachts and indulge in various water sports in Dubai Marina for a memorable yacht journey. Give your taste buds a treat by choosing your menu.

Enjoy a soul-touching experience of a yacht over the calm waters of Marina Dubai that runs parallel to the Marina beach.

Find the perfect yacht service in Dubai that offers the best service at a reasonable price.

You may also rent a luxurious yacht if you want to organize corporate events or go fishing. Give a surprise to your close ones by arranging their birthday parties, celebrating wedding anniversaries, or arranging romantic dates by renting a yacht.

You can also enjoy leisure cruises and shared trips. Indulge yourself in the fun-filled experience of cruising over the calm waters with the popular structures of the city at its backdrop. 

You can also enjoy BBQs on board while enjoying the views. Dubai Marina Yacht Tour is a unique experience and all tourists visiting Dubai should go for it.

3) Dhow Cruise Dubai

Once you purchase a ticket for Dhow Cruise Dubai, you get the opportunity to enjoy the exciting Dhow cruise along Dubai’s coastline. The wooden boat built in traditional Arabian style adds to the essence of the cruise, over the pristine waters. Give yourself a visual treat by looking at the structures and buildings around you as you sail through the waters. Enjoy delicious foods and music as you sail. Arabian artists and DJs shall keep you entertained during your trip. Get access to various facilities according to the ticket you opt for.

The evening cruise offers sparkling views of the night sky and its reflection over the tranquil waters. You may also book a cruise to celebrate your special day or to make the moment special with your close ones.

Enjoy the background music, watch the entertaining dance performances, give your taste buds a treat and indulge yourself in seeing the spectacular views during your cruise. Do not forget to capture photographs of this unforgettable experience.

4) Bateaux Dinner Cruise Dubai 

Enjoy Dubai Creek and indulge in observing the skyline while enjoying a lavish dinner on the Bateaux evening cruise in Dubai. The eye-soothing views of the atmosphere with a glass of drink are a spectacular experience. It is an extraordinary experience of exploring Dubai Creek while giving the taste buds a treat over freshly prepared food items.

Relax amidst panoramic views and admire the alluring trip, along with an exclusive choice of food and drinks. You can also opt for personalized services. The live performances uphold the artistry of the local people and entertain the people.

Enjoy sitting amidst a glass-covered space and get lost amidst scenic beauty and lip-smacking foods. It is a must for people visiting Dubai.

There are provisions for welcome drinks. You may get the chance of selecting canapes after you arrive. Then, the visitors get a bread Basket with butter. They will also get house wines and beers if the package includes alcoholic drinks.

It is a long cruise starting from 8 pm till 10:30 pm.

5) Dubai Water Canal Cruise

Do you want to enjoy something exciting?

Then, Dubai Water Canal Cruise is a must. Experience the unique Egyptian storytelling performance and the Laser Show. It offers excellent views during sunset. The reflection of Burj Khalifa on the tranquil waters during sunset will leave you awestruck. Get the opportunity to enjoy the flavor of Arabian nights by admiring the skyscrapers in the moonlight. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner consisting of unique local food of Arabian cuisine and international food items.

There are exclusive provisions for entertainment and excitement that make Dubai Water Canal Cruise a must for all tourists.

The above five experiences make a trip to Dubai unforgettable and thrilling. Couples, who are planning for their honeymoon can arrange a special date on the above cruises and make their honeymoon trip even more special.

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