Helpful Tips For Traveling With Your Toddler

Helpful Tips For Traveling With Your ToddlerThe sheer idea of traveling with a toddler can be panic inducing for many parents, but contrary to how you might feel right now, you do not have to wait until your child is in college before you can start traveling again. Instead, follow these helpful tips to make traveling a success.

Keep Trips Short

Now might not be the time to head off on a three-week, cross-country road trip, at least until your toddler gets a little more traveling experience under their belt. Instead, try starting out with shorter trips, such as a weekend trip to a destination that is a couple of hours away. If you do want or need to take a longer trip, consider breaking up the traveling time among multiple days.

Get Your Child Excited

Don’t wait until the day of the trip to tell your toddler that you are going somewhere. In the weeks and days before the trip, start getting your child excited about and prepared for what your family will be doing. For example, if you are going to be flying, consider pointing out airplanes in the sky or on your child’s favorite TV shows or movies. If you’re going to be staying at a hotel, show your child pictures of your accommodations so that he or she knows what to expect. Additionally, now is the time to start getting your child excited about any tourist destinations or attractions that you will be seeing while you’re on your vacation.

Keep Your Child Engaged

While you’re on the road, do what you can to keep your child engaged to help prevent boredom. Playing road games, talking, singing and otherwise actively engaging with one another can keep your child — and you — entertained. This can help prevent your toddler from ever getting bored in the first place.

Bring Along Quiet Toys

Make sure that you bring along books, small and quiet toys and other portable items that can keep your child entertained while you’re on the road or on the plane. A portable DVD player with headphones can also be very handy for these situations. Another option is to bring a handheld video game console or kid-friendly tablet.

Take Frequent Breaks

Even a short road trip can feel long for a toddler. Taking frequent breaks to use the bathroom, stretch your legs and get some fresh air can help both your child and you during your trip. It can also give your child an opportunity to get some of that energy out that might be getting pent-up while stuck in the car.

Traveling with a toddler does not have to be a nightmare. Follow these tips to make it easier on both your toddler and you.

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