3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy In College

3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in CollegeCollege students can pick up a number of unhealthy eating habits while in school. Even if you are craving fava beans and kale chips, simply living in an area that seems to promote pizza and beer as if they are necessary components of our diets can make it downright impossible to eat right. At the opposite end of the spectrum is another dangerous, negative eating habit that involves little actual eating at all. Concerned about gaining weight or just too anxiety ridden to hold down a square meal, college students that eat too infrequently are setting themselves up to have major health problems as they get older. Attending Rutgers Online may be a good idea for college students that need some extra time preparing meals that contain all five food groups.

1. The Crockpot is Now Your Best Friend

If you want something good to eat, you almost can’t go wrong when you make it in a crockpot. Not only are there recipes that online social work masters students can make in mere minutes, you’re also going to conjure up some really good eats on your own. In fact, a lot of college students taught themselves how to cook by using cooking appliances like crockpots rather than stoves after spending many late nights making the perfect Beef Wellington in their toaster ovens.

2. Food Prep 101

The majority of the time that you are in the kitchen, you’re prepping meats and vegetables, seasonings blends and garnishments. A food processor can eliminate hours that you would normally spend preparing meals from scratch. Masters in social work students can spend more time working in peer groups when all of the ingredients for dinner have been pre-washed, cut, measured, and seasoned to perfection. Buying a handful of tools that you can use to help you prep your meals in advance is a great way to balance life responsibilities and college study.

3. Easy Come, Easy Go – The Art of Reheating Leftovers

When you are just learning how to cook for yourself, you may over estimate the amount pasta that can be made from a package of dry spaghetti, but cooking too much food generally is seen as wasteful. That is, unless you know what you are going to do with all your leftovers ahead of time. Spaghetti and meatballs can morph into a meatball parmesan sandwich the next day, and from there you can come up with more experimental ways to reheat, re-serve and represent your leftover meals. When you want to complete an online MSW, nothing is more exciting than getting back to studying, reviewing notes and generally learning more about your major. Leftovers aren’t that exciting, but they don’t have to be scary or foreign to you either.

3 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in College

Unless you’re willing to eat a lot of cold salads as you work toward your masters of social work online, you have to think a long time before you can eat anything good. You might only need to feed yourself, but last minute dinner arrangements usually means that you’re going to call for takeout. Get a few pieces of kitchen equipment that make preparation quick and don’t be afraid to eat leftovers if you want a healthy diet and time to pursue your studies.

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