Helen Doron Summer Camps

Helen Doron Summer CampsWhile schools try their best to provide a nurturing environment that fosters a creative environment and true community participation, schools are not necessarily designed to fully promote such experiences. Luckily, summer camps provide are able to go above and beyond the school experience in order to fill the gaps. Experts agree that summer camps are good for kids, with the best summer camps offering learning, life skills, and positive social interactions.

Summer camps provide a unique childhood experience to campers. Camp allows children to learn how to be independent and make decisions while developing life-long skills. Camp also allows children to practice social skills and build teamwork skills as they share living quarters and chores and work through differences. Moreover, camp experiences bring children together through talking, playing, laughing, and shared experiences to create lifelong friendships. Camp enables kids of all ages to develop into who they are meant to be.

 As beneficial as summer camps are for children’s development, world renowned linguistic scientist Helen Doron s Method is exclusively used at her summer camps to make these camps among the best of the best. Combining learning and fun in a stress-free, engaging way, the teachers at Helen Doron’s summer camps teach English as a foreign language to campers of all ages. Children learn naturally through music, games, and activities that allow students to successfully learn English easily and naturally. Campers can’t help but learn English as it is everywhere in order to promote optimum learning. And of course, the teachers of Helen Doron s Method make sure the learning is always natural and fun, the same way children learn their mother tongue.

 Helen Doron s Method is well proven with a global network of over 2 million students learning English as a second language since 1985. With over 4000 teachers and courses for children from age three months to nineteen years, teachers of Helen Doron English know how to make learning fun, natural, and engaging to kids. Helen Doron teaches are professionals who care deeply about student success. They strive to ensure students learn in a nurturing and supportive environment that is free of pressure or stress. The teachers are positive role models who promote student self-confidence, learning, and fun.

 Helen Doron summer camps are found throughout Europe and Asia. Camp locations include the following:

  • Akko, Israel
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Canary Islands, Tenerife
  • Dongtan, South Korea
  • Donji Milanovac, Serbia
  • Eko-Fis Vlasic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kyrnica Morska, Warsaw
  • Schlopfloch, Germany
  • Slavske, Ukraine
  • Treviso, Italy
  • Zakopane, Poland

 Teachers at Helen Doron’s summer camps are fully invested in campers’ success, and campers agree that the best part of Helen Doron’s summer camps is the vast amount of fun they have. English learning comes naturally and easily as campers are exposed to the language. The learning that comes along is much deeper because the learning process is fun and engaging.

 Summer camp is good for children, and Helen Doron’s summer camps give children a fun environment in which to be emerged in English language learning. With dedicated teachers and multiple locations, give your child an experience that will provide incalculable benefits. Choose Helen Doron’s summer camps for your child.

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