4 things we hate about summer!

4 things we hate about summer!

Ok, so we love summer really. But after several months of constant, unrelenting heat and the kids to contend with while school is out, the parched, dry grass and wilting flowers, many of us find ourselves dreaming of cooler days, the crisp air and beautiful colours of autumn.

So, what’s not to love about the warmest part of the year? Well, I’m going to tell you! With these 4 things we hate about summer – how many can you relate to?

It’s so busy!

Because the sun is finally shining, and the days seem endless, all families want to make the most of the good weather and the enjoy the fact that they’re all together for a change. This means that everyone heads out – seemingly to the same place as everyone else. Whether it’s the beach, a local landmark, the park, the lake, or the forest for a picnic, you won’t find any peace and quiet anywhere, with your destination having been overrun by families just like yours since 8am. There’s nowhere to lay your picnic blanket and nowhere to park either! Things wouldn’t be so bad if you could reserve your own space with a sign from and place them everywhere within a 20mile radius of your home. Oh, well – maybe the crowds will have gone home by 5pm.

There is nothing to wear

It’s true! We spend all of Spring planning our outfits for the summer, deciding what will be cool enough but also flattering, what to wear for a friend’s wedding and what to wear for the annual family BBQ. But when the time actually comes to wear our carefully chosen outfits – it’s too hot. Nothing is cool enough, and unfortunately society dictates that you must wear something. No matter how hot it is.

We spend lot of money on summer clothes for the children too, only for them to refuse to wear them because they’d rather play naked in the paddling pool. Oh well.

Ouch! Sunburn!

We’re always told that when the sun comes out, you need to protect yourself from the UV rays that can damage and burn your skin. So we stick on a hat and slap plenty of sun cream on. But of course, the one part of your shoulder you forgot to rub the sun cream into – burns and blisters.

Sun burn is painful, its debilitating and looks horrific too. Most of us are so busy trying to protect the kids skin that we forget to do our own! Maybe sitting in the shade will help.


Yes, summer brings the welcome aroma of cut grass and BBQs, but that’s nothing compared to everything else. Sweat, the sickly smell of sun cream, the rubbish bin cooking away in the hot sun outside, not forgetting the hot, stuffy air that welcomes you on public transport! If you work in an office, the air can be unbreathable! With the smell of coffee, stale cigarettes, deodorant and body odour; can someone crack a window?

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