Have the Best Dorm Room Ever With These Easy & Cheap Ideas

Have the Best Dorm Room Ever With These Easy & Cheap IdeasNow is the time when many undergrads are making the most of their summers. However, July is an ideal time to begin considering how you need to design your dorm room. With fall approaching in a few months, the time has come for you to start gathering sheets, shower caddies, clothing hangers and the million different items you will require for dorm life.  Once you have got the essentials for your college dorm room, it is now a great opportunity to be creative and decorate it innovatively without spending much of your pocket money.

You don’t have to cramp your style just because you have a small, shared quarter. Without having to spend a lot on your dorm room, this article will give you a variety of ideas to turning it into a jazzy and efficient space perfect to relax and study.  

Iron Transfer Floral Duvet:

There is no need to buy a fresh out of the box duvet. Simply retrying your old one using the iron-on technique. Get a good use of your printer and make your bedding more appealing with printable iron-on decals. You may choose classic florals or something that defines ‘you.’

Embroidered Photo Holder:

Redesign your old boring metal photo holder with colorful weaving thread to create a fun boho feel.

DIY Coat Rack:

Dorm rooms are small. You don’t want to keep it occupied by keeping things on the floor. Do you? Either buy or make a coat rack and hang those scarves over it.

Gold Dipped Mirror Frame:

You surely do want to have a full look of yourself while stepping out of your dorm room. A full-length mirror is important in a dorm room. However, there is no need of settling to a boring frame when you could slick it up with one of the fun techniques – color dipping. Use gold paint to make it top notch.

Washi Wallpaper:

Most dorm rooms are painted with a bland white color. Sadly, you can’t do much about it. But here is a great idea for you; use washi tape to make stylish and colorful wallpapers for your flat white walls.

DIY Hanging Shelf:

Do you have your favorite home knickknacks put in your closet? Don’t you think you’re being unfair? Well, you don’t have to anymore. You can turn a basic wooden box into a hanging shelf just with the use of a durable rope, a bright pop of color, and a standard drill.

Customize Curtains:

You are living in a dorm room which means you’re limited on spending. Thus, rather than buying a new one, spruce up a pair of curtains you already own with vivid trim. Get rolls of pom pom and sparkle trim from any local craft store costing almost nothing. Make whatever color combinations you like.

DIY Light Ladder:

Fix a small ladder in your dorm room to add a twist. Utilizing just two things – a thrift shop ladder and colorful string lights, you can transform your dorm room into humdrum to super fab space in a matter of minutes.

How your dorm looks is important to keep your mind relaxed and study well. This is where you eventually come and sleep in. It should reflect you. You can recreate it in something similar to your personal room. Turn your dorm room’s bare walls into a space that looks like home.