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Guide to Selling, Exchanging, or Donating Used Clothes Online

Guide to Selling, Exchanging, or Donating Used Clothes OnlineSo you’ve finally found some time to really sort through your closet – and come up with an armload of clothes that you either no longer use, or no longer want. You can either give these to people you know who will find good use for them, throw them in the trash bin, or even burn them. Rather than doing any of these, though, think about selling, exchanging, or donating them. It can be far easier to do, help you save the environment, and helps you make a bit of extra cash on the sides.


Online selling is now this huge industry that continues to attract more and more people. That means there’s definitely a market for all those used clothes that you have stocked and ready to dispose of. Here’s how you can sell them online:

Decide on a marketplace.

There are plenty of apps and websites online that can help you set up an online shop for clothes. The tricky part is to decide on which marketplace you want to sell your clothes in, as choosing the wrong marketplace might mean you’ll experience difficulty in finding anyone to purchase your stuff.

Upload photos and add a description.

This gives your potential buyers a good look and overview of the used clothes that you’re trying sell. Photos should be of good quality, and your description should be detailed yet concise.

Utilize a secure payment method, and settle shipping.

Make sure you have a secure payment method in place before finalizing the transaction. Choose shipping options that are reliable, and don’t forget to add that in to your final asking price.


Exchanging your clothes is a fun way of getting rid of items you no longer want, while at the same time, getting a chance to get something you’d absolutely love in return.

Organize a swap party.

Take your swapping offline by gathering a group of people together to swap or exchange clothes. You’ll need to set up some ground rules before the swap commences. Commonly, if an item can’t be exchange, it can be and purchased for a small price.

Swap clothes online

Websites like that allows for swap parties to happen remotely. You’ll simply need to create an account and be a member, and then you can start swapping your items with those of others all over the globe.


If selling or swapping your used clothes isn’t exactly your cup of tea, you can always just donate them. That way, the clothes that you no longer use can find new life with people who may need them.

Dropped off

There are organizations that accept any sort of help in order to provide assistance to people in need. Locate the drop off facility nearest to you to drop off your pile of used clothing.

Picked up

When you don’t have the time and energy to lug around a big bag of used clothes to take to a drop off facility like, say, Goodwill or The Salvation Army, you can schedule a pick up with an organization that offers this type of option.

Post online.

There are also websites where you can post photos of the things you’d like to donate, and these items, in turn, get matched to the wish lists of local charities and institutions.

Avoid chucking your used clothes into a bin just to clear up some space in your closet. Instead, consider re-selling, exchanging, or even donating them

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