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Groovy Girls Princess Dahlia & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

A special thanks to Manhattan Toy for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Groovy Girls Princess Dahlia & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

About Manhattan Toy

“Play is discovery and exploration, and joy, and growth, and learning, and so much more. And for us play is serious work. So when we bring play to life, we do it with a commitment to the finest in craftsmanship and creativity. All of our products, from the newest concepts to our time-tested classics, are innovatively designed to inspire imaginative play and delight our consumers large and small.”

About Groovy Girl Princess Dahlia

“Princess Dahlia is beaming with flowerful colors. Her floral dress and curly multi-colored locks are sure to turn a few heads. Dahlia loves to take long strolls through her garden, but is always looking for the next big outdoor adventure.”

About Groovy Girl Royally Ritzy Bed

This bed has all the royal elements to sleep like a princess. Includes a coverlet with satin lining and tulle trim and a satin pillow with tassels.”

Groovy Girls Princess Ella & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

My Review

Manhatten Toy Company is celebrating the Groovy Girls “Sweet 16” and in honor of this milestone, I wanted to tell you more about this wonderful collection of dolls! The Groovy Girls Princesses are not just any ordinary dolls, they represent so much more than that. Since 1998 the Groovy girls have been sharing a message with girls all around the world, letting them know that they are important. Each and every doll represents her very own style in clothes and hair and most importantly… skin color. Because no matter what you wear or how light or dark your skin may be, girls need to know that they are important! With an eight year old daughter that is quickly becoming more self conscious about what she wears and how she looks before heading to school in the morning, I think it’s important for her to know that she is special in her own way. She need not worry so much about what others think and should let her unique style shine.

Groovy Girls Princess Dahlia & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

The beautiful and funky Princess Dahlia has a head full of crazy strands and a dress that will make you instantly love her. I was so delighted that we received this adventurous Groovy Girl because her personality and traits are incredibly similar to my daughter’s! Just like Dahlia, my daughter enjoys all outdoor adventures and is the first one in the garden looking to discover new things. Just because her adventurous entail getting her dress dirty and her hair crazy, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy being pretty and extravagant. In fact she loves to have me style her hair and she adores bright and colorful outfits. My hope is that she will always be the outdoor princess that isn’t afraid to get dirty… and that no one takes that away from her. Groovy Girls message is a wonderful one and this is a brand of dolls that I fully support and love!

Groovy Girls Princess Dahlia & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

The overall quality of the doll and bed is very nice, something that is going to withstand many years of playtime. My daughter enjoys tucking her doll into the Royally Ritzy Bed at night, right beside her own. As she is slowly beginning to outgrow many of her dolls, it’s so great to find a collection that is more geared towards her age.

Groovy Girls Princess Ella & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

Groovy Girls Princess Ella & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

Groovy Girls Princess Ella & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

My daughter has been so pleased with her new Groovy Doll and bed and I am so grateful to have discovered a collection of toys that encourage my daughter’s individuality. There is a huge selection of dolls and accessories from the Groovy Girl collection and I guarantee you will find one that the special girl in your life would love to have.

Groovy Girls Princess Ella & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

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27 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Princess Dahlia & Royally Ritzy Bed Review

  1. I love that Groovy Girls are modestly dressed. They are so cute. My girls would love it if I won one. 🙂

  2. she is just too cute 😉 love how her hair just flows , such pretty outfit 😉 thanks

  3. I like that the doll is soft and actually fits on the bed. I also like that the bed is soft and not bulky or one that you have to put together with screws and hardware. It’s great that each doll has it’s own background and that the skin color or hair color doesn’t matter 🙂

  4. First I want to comment on what a great photographer you are! Every pic on this site of yours is excellent! This doll line very sweet. I like the different outfits especially the Lady bug and the kitty cat! I too like the different skin tones that are available .

  5. I can tell there is a lot of love in this little doll. Great review. Love the way you give her a sweet personality. My grand daughter would fall in love with her ♥

  6. My daughter would love this. The bright colors make it extremely girly and the matching bed is so cute!

  7. I enjoyed reading this Review! Especially the Subject of this Review! I Love Dolls I always have and always will Lol! The Groovy Girl Dolls are very Speial Dolls. They show the message to young Girls, They are their Own Person and should stand up and be Proud of themselves. :0)~~

  8. Can you imagine how much a little girl learns when she takes care of her favorite doll? Putting her to bed and tucking her in, a little kiss on the forehead…absolutely the things that make a child who they become. Wonderful!

  9. This doll set is beautiful my daughter would adore it. I am crossing my fingers in the giveaway for it. <3

  10. What sweetie little dolls perfect since the littlest ones would have hard plastic body pressing up again them when they sleep with the dolls,since they are soft, sweet little bed of her own too. Just perfect for any child

  11. This doll is so adorable!! I absolutely love how you can get one to personally reflect the personality (and skin color) of your little girl! I also love the quality of these dolls, as they look very well made. My daughter would LOVE one!

  12. I love this sweet doll. She has style and is cute. Her accessories would make it so fun to play with. I would love it as a child for sure. Thanks for the review. It is a gift to keep in mind for many birthdays.

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