Get Your Mojo Back At Work

We all need the magic in our personality to be at the absolute best of our capacity, whether it is talking to clients, performing daily tasks, or enjoying the work a little more than we’re supposed to. There is an inner power that makes every single person special in their own way.

But at times, due to a setback or crisis, you lose that magic (mojo) and live under the illusion of never going to succeed again.

Losing your mojo is an overwhelming phase in life, everything that you enjoyed doing and were good at seems to be impossible now. Your productivity at work is worse than ever, relationships in turmoil, and a shattering sense of self-belief are taking over.

But knowing what “Losing your Mojo” feels like is the easier part, so how do you regain your lost charm at work?

De-clutter EVERYTHING!

Some setbacks and crises take a toll greater than just work in your life, losing a loved one or the end of a long and loving relationship is not easy to overcome too soon.

Such setbacks fog your vision of your goals, reset your personal life, and present many questions that are hard to answer. Hence, you lose focus while doing even the simplest of tasks, let alone being productive at work.

The best way to deal with the clutter is the oldest one in the book, which is to separate and prioritize the issues at hand. Cut off relationships that are doing you no good and are just pushing you farther into the darkness, now’s the best time.

You also cannot expect to deal with everything at once, you can’t wake up one fine morning and be your best at work and have your life at normal back again. Take one step at a time, whether it is giving out your pitch at work, resetting your house, or even going for a vacation to freshen up your mind.

Set Small Goals

Losing your Mojo at work hits hard because you lose your confidence, and there is no better way to build up confidence other than achievements. Obsessing over the big picture of a promotion is a realistic aim, but instead of aimlessly working around hoping to catch the eye, start working on your short-term chores.

Set a “To-Do List” the evening before a workday and try completing all of the tasks for the day. Starting off with writing your chores is not something we look forward to but is really effective.

You develop a sense of achievement and accountability very quickly, and soon you’ll start seeing that everything tallying up for the big picture as well.

Change Your Thought-Patterns

A very prominent byproduct of losing your Mojo is the negative talk with yourself. Since you are too preoccupied with the recent setbacks in your life, you tend to start defining yourself with those small failures, which is as destructive as it sounds.

The best way to do this is to make the best of the time that is at hand and not worry about the time and effort that is lost. That being said, the negativity starts when we want to immediately cover up for lost days and weeks in a single day’s work, which is impossible.

Always remind yourself of the achievements in your life, they may seem like seem to be in the distant past but it was you who managed to do so much in life. You have a job because you worked for it and deserved it more than anyone else.

Positivity in your thoughts too does not come very easy, but trailing your thoughts and making out the negative ones is a perfect start.

Reconstruct Your Source Of Motivation

Do you recall your first day at work?

The soaring motivation to give in your best and a sense of accomplishment when you did. Having a setback in life usually disrupts your motivating factor, but that also allows you to hit the reset button.

You have the chance to choose again what you want to work for. Maybe you were working before to save up enough to go on an extravagant vacation, but now you can maybe target buying a house or starting up a family.

Look inside and find the source of motivation that you are lacking, it should be something that makes getting out of the bed a little less annoying and working a little more interesting. It is always good to have something to work for, that way you always know it is going to be worth it!

Reach Out For Help

The delusion of being able to everything ourselves is what keeps most of us down in life. We humans, are social beings and rely on each other in every phase of life, and so asking for help when you need it is nothing to be ashamed of.

The South-Eastern-Asians prefer the use of kratom for enhanced focus, the yogis prefer forms of meditation, and others seek out help from professional therapists.

Reaching out to a therapist is by far the most fruitful and guaranteed way of overcoming the obstacles in life. You get a face-to-face session with a professional that helps you take it all out, make sense of the clutter in your life, and suggest therapeutic ways of pulling it all together.

As opposed to the stigma, going to a psychologist or a psychiatrist in no way means that there is something wrong with you, it’s just that you wish to improve yourself to be someone you know you can be.

There is also the option of going to group therapies where you meet different people going through the same hardships in life as you. Hearing them out consoles you as you’re not the only person with a setback in life in the room, and you get to learn a lot from their battles.

Identify What Causes The Stress

It is very natural to feel that everything is just falling apart and nothing makes sense in life anymore. And that is mostly because there is an underlying unsolved problem that you are not willing to confront.

It may be because a colleague of yours got a promotion that you deserved, an upcoming dope test by the employer, or the death of a loved one.

Though none of the above-mentioned situations seem to have a simple solution at first, you do come up with ways to cope with it eventually.

In case of someone else getting promoted in your place, you can look for the weak areas in your performance and use it as a challenge to work even harder. An upcoming dope test shouldn’t be a problem in most cases, but even if it is, you can always find quick fix solutions or bring your prescription along.

Ending Thoughts

Yes, there are times when you feel knocked down at your knees and no hope is visible. These are exactly the times when you have to hold it together.

Losing your mojo at work is bound to happen at one point or another, it is not something to stress over as long as you know your way back.

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