Blonde Hair Care Facts & Myths

Should I cut my hair every six weeks? Rinse it with cold water to make it shiny? Is it true that shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair are useless and no different from normal ones? There are many popular theories and myths on how to have strong and healthy blonde hair.

Myth 1: I can colour myself into blond even without experience

Of Course, you can but at the same time be ready to face serious consequences. If you’re just gonna be a blonde, make sure you find a good hair colourist. No economy should be spared in such an important matter, as good dyeing cannot cost cheaply as well as high-quality professional services. Look at the hairdresser’s work, read the reviews, find out what tools he uses, and then put your hair in his hands.

Myth 2: Shampoos and conditioners for dyed blonde hair are useless and no different from ordinary ones

Haircare products for coloured hair are specially formulated to work better on hair with artificial pigments.

Hair that has undergone dyeing can be for sure called damaged hair: the cuticular layer is disturbed, natural melanin is lightened and pigmented in an artificial shade. In this case, it is necessary to use formulations in which the acidity is lowered (to maintain a balance on the scales), they include components to maintain the water balance and the durability of the artificial pigment.

When we are speaking about blonde hair it is more important the quality of the hair rather than whether it coloured or not. This type of hair needs special treatment anyway. The tip will be to find something here:  . Your hair will be grateful to composition T-LAB Professional products have.

But what about blue and purple tinting shampoos? Is their effectiveness real?

 The colour shampoos have tinted formulas to add richness to colour or neutralize unwanted hair pigment, for example, yellow, orange. Plus, such products can help out if you returned from a vacation in a hot country, where the sun is mercilessly hot and your natural colour has degraded and become lighter. Tinted shampoos exist in completely different types, but the most important thing to remember is that these shampoos provide colour filters that do not correct but only change the refraction and reflection of the colour on the hair.

Should a person who doesn’t dye hair use tinting products?

You definitely can but not obligated to do this since in this way you will maintain your natural shade. Hair tends to fade, and tinting products with purple or blue pigments return colour depth. Or, for example, you want to give your hair the effect of light copper, peach or chocolate – in this case, a tinting balm will be beneficial since it will enhance the desired shade.

To sum up

The most important rule in hair care is to remember one formula : 

Healthy hair = Hair treatment rituals should exceed hair styling procedures.

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