GAMMA: The Kid-Proof Jacket for Active Moms

Moms always have to prioritize practicality over comfort and style. You know that as soon as you buy that nice jacket you’ve been saving for, someone is going to spit up on it within a week!

That’s why we usually choose old clothes we don’t care too much for or discount stuff that won’t last anyway. When it gets dirty or torn, we just toss it.

But this isn’t great for our environment. And, it’s not good for the soul. You deserve to feel great and look great as a mom!

That’s why I’m trying a new jacket called GAMMA. it’s made from graphene, a super material that’s 100% kid-proof.

GAMMA is very stylish, and you can wear it anywhere—to work, to the park, to soccer games, in nature, or just running errands. Graphene is highly insulating, so you can wear GAMMA all year round and never have to bundle up in layers, even when the temperature goes below freezing.

But the best thing is that GAMMA is pretty much indestructible, no matter what your kids, pets, or partner get into. Graphene is the strongest material on Earth (literally), and that makes GAMMA totally immune to damage, stains, odors, bacteria, and more.

Finally, there’s a jacket that looks great, feels comfortable all year round, and can survive my family!

I know what you’re probably thinking: how is this even possible? It’s a bit hard to believe because it’s never been done before. Graphene clothing is completely new. If you want to learn more, check out the GAMMA Kickstarter page here. You can get a jacket for over 40% off if you order before the campaign ends. 

I’ll give you a quick overview of the jacket below and let you know what I like most about it.

GAMMA: The Kid-Proof Jacket for Active Moms

What’s in the Closets of the Future? Graphene Clothing

GAMMA is able to do so much because it’s made of graphene, a totally new type of clothing material. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel bad. Graphene was just discovered in 2004, and adding it to clothing is a recent innovation.

Graphene is so versatile and strong that its discoverers won the Nobel Prize!

When it’s added to clothing, it turns your duds into all-season super clothes that last for life.

Graphene is the strongest, thinnest, and most flexible material on the planet. Here’s are just a few of the benefits graphene brings to GAMMA:

● Waterproof and Windproof: GAMMA won’t let a drop of water or the slightest chill pass its barrier. It’s a forever leak-proof rain jacket and the most effective windbreaker ever made.
● UV-proof: Light jackets for warm weather allow UV light to penetrate, damaging your skin. GAMMA repels UV light to keep you protected (essential if you have sensitive skin).
● Insect repellant: Stop spraying those chemicals all over your skin to get rid of mosquitos! Graphene will keep bugs away naturally.
● Indestructible: Graphene is harder than diamond, and GAMMA is strong enough to endure any wear and tear, including knife punctures.
● Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic: Leave GAMMA in your closet for years and it will still never get musty, moldy, or covered in mites. It will also keep you safe from germs while you wear it.
● Odor-proof: Bacteria and mold from moisture cause odors to stick with your jacket, but GAMMA is immune to these microbes. It will smell fresh no matter how much you sweat.
● Stain-proof: All liquids and gasses roll off of GAMMA. The jacket is completely resistant to staining and scoffing. Let your kids do their worst!

GAMMA: The Kid-Proof Jacket for Active MomsGAMMA is a Jacket for All Seasons and Climates

GAMMA’s all-climate comfort comes from graphene’s ability to regulate temperature. It’s one of the best insulators in the world. It’s so effective, that it almost acts like a second skin. When GAMMA detects your body heat, it absorbs it and distributes it evenly around the entire jacket. This keeps you feeling toasty all over even when it’s really chilly outside.

When it’s warm, GAMMA releases excess heat to cool you down. It also wicks moisture to pull sweat away from your skin.

Graphene and your natural body heat are not powerful enough to keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures. That’s why GAMMA comes with built-in heaters. Turn them on, and graphene will carry the heat all over the jacket, keeping you warm from head to waist to fingers.

The heaters are lightweight and completely safe. To use them, just put a power bank in one of the jacket pockets and press a button to turn them on. GAMMA’s heaters are strong enough to keep you warm in temps as low as -20˚F!

GAMMA: The Kid-Proof Jacket for Active MomsPerfect for Active Moms

GAMMA is so versatile that you can wear it for almost any occasion. It weighs about the same as a hoodie, so it’s easy to slip on if you need to run some errands.

You can also use it for a jog or a hike. It won’t get sweaty and smelly, even if you run a marathon!

Its jet-black color and discreet design make it suitable for work and business casual events too.

GAMMA is the go-to jacket to keep on a hook by the door. When you don’t have time to decide what to wear, you won’t have to. GAMMA will always be the jacket you need, no matter the time of year or the weather.

And, it can handle anything your kids can throw at it. They can tug it, throw juice at it, drag it through the mud, and stab it with colored pencils. GAMMA will come out the other end looking good as new!

GAMMA: The Kid-Proof Jacket for Active MomsStylish and comfortable

For everything that GAMMA can do, you might be imagining it as a beast of a jacket. But it’s really stylish! It’s definitely a sporty look, but that soft-shell active style is in right now.

It’s not gaudy at all, so you can wear it anywhere and look great. I love the tapered torso because it slims the waist and softens the shoulders.

Because it insulates so well, it’s really comfortable too. Unlike sweaty rain jackets, GAMMA keeps you dry and warm. It feels great (and kind of weird!) to wear a light jacket on a frigid winter’s day and not feel cold. But those layers of weight off of my shoulders make everything easier.

GAMMA also has a hood, rain hem, and 10 pockets to keep you prepared for anything. It includes two hidden pockets for your documents and cash, making it a good travel jacket too.

GAMMA: The Kid-Proof Jacket for Active Moms

Kid-Proof Your Life With GAMMA (And Take 40% Off!)

GAMMA is a bit like wearing a kid-proof shield. Just imagine getting ice cream throw up on your jacket, wiping it off, and never having to think about it again? That’s one of life’s luxuries that only a mom can appreciate.

GAMMA is great for so much more too. And, it’s made to last for life. If you’re looking for a jacket that lets you grab it and go without a thought, then check out GAMMA for sure! Now is a great time to get one, because you can take over 40% off a jacket if you pre-order the new GAMMA design. That’s over $200 off a jacket that will last for life.

Learn more about graphene and pre-order your GAMMA jacket now at

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