Affordable Lifestyle Gadgets for This Summer

The summer season is almost upon us and we still find ourselves looking to the horizon for some change to the seemingly endless pandemic. This is not the point of organising an overseas vacation, it might be cancelled and it’s quite risky anyway. A staycation could work but that will also require some planning. In this post we look at some gadgets that can enhance your life this summer and make it one to remember. 


Most smartphones are designed to last around five years max. After this they start to go obsolete. Regular software updates means that eventually your smartphone doesn’t have the technical capability to run the latest platforms. That’s one of the reasons it pays to buy tech new, especially computers and phones. 

It’s unfortunate that the marketplace works in this way. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just repair your computer or phone perpetually – frugal mom styles – and not have to shell out hundreds of dollars on new tech for you and your kids. Some products do allow this, such as FairPhone, but they are also expensive to buy. 

Thankfully Apple have seen some sense with the release of their latest iPhone, the iPhone 12. This smartphone device has integrated software like never before. It is bigger and wider with a superior camera, but notably this is a significant reduction in price. Thanks Apple.  


How is your fitness doing these days? Did you ever continue with those new resolutions you set for yourself a few months ago? If not springtime is a chance to renew your commitment and get started again. The good news is you don’t have to do any groundwork this time, just slip into the same pattern as before. 

Even if your routine has slipped somewhat over these past few months your body will remember and respond. After only a few sessions you will start to feel the benefits of exercise again and wonder why you ever gave it up. The spring and summer months are a very good time to run, cycle, or do aerobic exercise. 

An affordable gadget that can help you keep up your fitness this time and motivate you in future is the Fitbit Charge 4. Unlike previous versions this Fitbit has a built in GPS tracker and hives you a full seven days of battery charge. It also features a heart rate monitor all on one convenient band worn around the wrist. 


Although the world is rolling out a vaccine and that’s a good sign the pandemic will end soon, it might be just a little bit too early for overseas vacations this summer. That said, a vacation  is very important to ensure we keep our spirits up and renew our optimism. That’s why a staycation or road trip is a top idea. 

The trouble with staycations and road trips, however, is the planning. It’s easy to say sure let’s go here or let’s go there, but in reality you can’t just get up and go, you have to make sure you have everything you need for a comfortable trio and for when you arrive. One of these vital things is access to the Internet. 

With Weboost you can learn how you can boost your cell signal at home or on a vacation. The Weboost system provides you with a cell signal enhancing device that boosts cell signals meaning you don’t have to worry about connecting to the Internet or contacting services. This is especially useful if you live in a black spot area or you want to take a road trip this summer. 


Sound devices for your ears are very subjective. Some people like the over ear headphones while others like the in ear type. These days both styles are effective and provide great sound quality. The main difference is that over ear headphones often have better noise canceling ability. 

What could be better than rekindling your interest in music this summer. Start browsing the Internet for the latest releases in your favorite genres and investigate how things have changed and since you last listened to music many years ago. A good set of headphones lets you listen to music in the sunny backyard or while sitting in your RV. 

But what headphones should you go for? If you’re a Frugal Mom it’s worth investigating the Sony ones. These are an excellent all round device with the best noise cancelling features on the market. Other than that they are a fairly standard headset but they come in at an exceedingly frugal price. 


With pandemic lockdowns in full swing and the weather becoming hotter as summer approaches, you might prefer to exercise indoors instead of going for a run or a jog. The best way to do this is to set up an exercise bike in your home or garage. A garage is perfect because it keeps you cool as you burn calories. 

But what kind of exercise bike should you go for? You don’t want one that lays in the garage or loft and doesn’t get used, that’s for sure. However, much of that is down to your own motivation. That said, a good exercise bike can help you to find that motivation when you need it the most. 

The JTX Cyclo-3 is an excellent cardio workout. If you want to burn calories and lose weight then this Cyclo has 6 core settings to help you out. There is a large cushioned seat for comfort and pulse sensors to keep you on track. These exercise bike range considerably in price, but for a quality frugal option check out the Cyclo. 


Even though there is some optimism not that the pandemic will lift and things will go back to some form or normality, the reality is that in some respects the world has changed for good. So what are those respects? Mainly, it’s our working environment. It’s hard to see everyone returning to their offices like before. 

According to analysts this was due to happen anyway. They predicted that over the next five years more and more businesses would switch to digital platforms and employees would be encouraged to work from home. The pandemic simply accelerated this process meaning that we sort of time travelled. 

With this in mind it pays to think about the future when investing in new technology. Unless you’re buying a PC for home use then you want a device that is lighter and mobile, but also powerful and of course affordable. This is exactly what Dell have delivered with their Dell XPS laptop. Look no further than this device for a summer laptop investment. 


These days webcams take different forms. Some of them are internal, others are external. The quality of your webcam often determines how well others can see you or your background when you meet colleagues for work or friends for a gathering. Since the future is clearly digital it makes sense to invest in a quality webcam. 

A quality webcam will make you appear very clear on the screen. Unlike cheaper versions, a good webcam will offer options for connectivity and come with software for recording. If you’re feeling frugal it’s possible to pick up a webcam very cheaply, but otherwise, it’s advisable to invest a little in one that will last. 

The Logitech C920 is one such webcam. This webcam gives you clarity and a professional image on screen. It is also flexible and can be modified for its best position. Although cheaper options do exist this one is recommended as it’s not too expensive for the quality it offers. It’s a bargain. 


If you’re planning to spend a lot of time in your home and garden this spring and summer then think about a Bluetooth speaker to help you enjoy your music wherever you are. A good Bluetooth speaker can be connected to any device and moved around the home for flexible listening. 

The Megaboom Bluetooth speaker is the one to go for. It not only gives you an excellent listening experience, but it connects to all your devices and has 20 hours of battery life: perfect for those summer gardening gatherings that run late into the night.


If you have decided to recommend your fitness goals this spring and summer you might invest in an exercise bike. Alternatively you could buy a pair of running shoes and hit the parks. Running outdoors is sometimes more challenging so you need the right footwear. 

I’m this case the right footwear is the Saucony Endorphin running shoes. These special shoes have print technology in the midsole that give an excellent heel to front assist. If you want an outdoor running experience that feels a bit more like an indoor treadmill, and is easier on the knees, check out the Saucony Running Shoes.

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