Fun Ways To Use Name Labels For Kids

Having name tags customized and printed out is a nifty idea and it reduces the chances of your kid losing their things while in school or at the playground. Three of my children are in school and I am vert familiar with how easy things can get misplaced. Name Bubbles has a huge selection of customizable stick on and iron on name labels. I have labels from them that I stuck on all of my children’s sweatshirts, coats and other school items. The sweatshirts get washed frequently and they never fall off. There are so many great styles and selections to choose from.

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Here are some other great uses for name labels:

  1. Book Labels – one of the most common uses for name tags, placing them on the cover of a text book or a children’s book lets others know that the item belongs to your kid. It also adds a touch of personality to the book and your kid can be creative on how they would want to place the sticker.
  2. Pencil Tag – pencils and ballpoint pens are the most common victims of playground and classroom theft and having a sticker name tag can hinder would be thieves from getting them. Removing stickers from pencils take too much time and effort and stealing one with a tag is just not worth it.
  3. Water Bottle Label – water bottles are now in the list of school essentials as it is important to keep kids hydrated and ensuring that the water they are drinking is safe is the ultimate goal. It would not hurt to place a name tag on their water bottle to properly identify which water container is theirs.
  4. Food Label – blank name tags help segregate different food items and act as food labels that helps differentiate the contents. This is especially beneficial to kids who have certain dietary needs or allergies. In line with this, you can also use name tags to assign which meal or bag goes to which person.
  5. Bag Tags – name tags also make great bag tags, just put them inside a water-proof sleeve and attach it to your kid’s bag using zip ties or carabineers. Name tags can also be placed on the interior of a bag for extra identification.
  6. Clothing Stickers – for better closet organization, use name tags to segregate clothing articles by owner and by type. This not only teaches your kids a smart way of organizing closets but it also trains them to differentiate different pieces of clothing. Let them pick their own clothes and experience the joys of mixing and matching clothes to make their own #OOTD.
  7. Calendar Squares or Highlights – one creative use for nametags for your kids is letting them use one name tag for a specific day of the year, effectively creating a calendar that they can peel away. If you have an old calendar grid, you can just stick a tag on one square and so on and make notations about what needs to happen or what event is being celebrated on a specific calendar square. If you don’t have too many extra name tags, you can just use the name tags to highlight special holidays and occasions instead of using one per day.
  8. Bike or Skateboard Sticker – name tags can also be used as stickers for bicycles and skateboards to add a personal touch to these sports items. It not only helps identify which equipment belongs to which kid but custom name tags are considered to be cool and snazzy by some like-minded individuals.
  9. Accents for a Photo Album – some parents have taken spare name tags and made them accents for a photo album or a photo frame, just by attaching a blank tag on a photo and writing down the kid’s names or a funny caption to finish it up.
  10. Children’s Room Decoration – colorful name tags can be used to decorate your kid’s rooms. Maybe you can outline pictures borders using name tags or another idea is to place name tags on different items on the room so that it will train your kids to identify which appliance is which. You can even highlight labels for dangerous items.

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