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Fulcrum Gallery Art Print Review

A special thanks to Fulcrum Gallery for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with their products for free in exchange for an honest review!

Since moving into our new home (which has a beautiful brick fireplace) I have been eagerly searching for the perfect canvas wall art to place above the mantle. I have rearranged and replaced the decor dozens of times, but never quite satisfied with the way it looked. I really wanted it to be the center of the room, the place that draws your attention! Ultimately I decided that a framed picture would be the perfect solution, however once again I was finding myself not happy with the various selections I had to choose from. Subsequently I was presented with the opportunity to review an art print from a fabulous website called Fulcrum Gallery. I found myself immediately intrigued by their vast selection and before I knew it, I had spent over an hour browsing. The selections were amazing and it was no easy task narrowing it down to a single print! Alas I stumbled upon one that matched the shades and colors of the decor of our living room perfectly. From the moment I laid eyes on the  Mike Klung Morning Luster I, I just knew that this was the piece that I had been searching for, the one that was going to look beautiful above my fireplace. I was so impressed with the contemporary tree art and excited to add this beautiful piece to my home.

Fulcrum Gallery Art Print Review

I chose to have this elegant art print museum wrapped on regular 0.75″ bars, which I found to be the perfect depth for the location that I would be placing the art print at. I was so unbelievably impressed with how great this print looked over the fireplace, it was simply perfect. This has really brightened up the room and given it that focal point I was striving for. Such a simple yet versatile print that will allow you to match it into many different style decors. This piece does not look cheap like many of the art prints you can find at your local craft stores, which made it even more favorable. Fulcrum Gallery Art Print Review

The overall quality of the actual art print itself is of superb quality, not a single flaw to be seen. Fulcrum Gallery is so confident in their high quality prints and superior service, that they have a “no questions asked” policy set in place which allows customers to easily make returns if they are unhappy with their purchase. Fulcrum Gallery also does quite the job ensuring that they package your print so it arrives at your door undamaged.

“Every print order is wrapped in heavy stock paper, and then is placed in a very durable cardboard shipping tube for protection. Every Framed item is shipped in our lab-tested secure packaging to ensure that it will arrive undamaged, even when subjected to the most severe conditions.”

Fulcrum Gallery Art Print Review

My overall experience, which included the process of ordering my art print and receiving it in a very secure package was extremely positive! I could not be more pleased with the quality of the print and how well it compliments the living room, it’s truly a treasure. Fulcrum Gallery offers a variety of other print types and services, such as framing and printing photos on canvases. Their prices compared to the high quality product you will receive makes it well worth the price and surprisingly affordable. You can be rest assured that your art print is going to last and be apart of your home’s decor for many years to come and I highly recommend you visit their website today and take a look around, you will not be disappointed!

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