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Frugal Travel Tips for Frequent Fliers

Traveling isn’t exactly cheap, even when you’re frugal, which is why it is important to find as many ways to cut back on the costs of being a frequent flier as you can. If you’re watching your bank balance, but you don’t want to stop taking trips, check out these frugal travel tips for frequent fliers.

Don’t Park at the Airport

Driving your own car to the airport may be more convenient, but parking there will cost you $10 or more per day for the duration of your vacation. That’s one expense you can well do without. You can also ask a friend or relative if they’d be willing to give you a ride and pick you up. You can treat them to a little something for doing so, and it’ll still be cheaper than paying parking fees.

You can also check out if you would like to look into getting a private jet. 

Borrow What You Need

If your suitcase is falling apart, you’ve lost your sunglasses or your travel neck pillow has gone AWOL, instead of replacing them, why not see if someone you know, who does not travel all that frequently can lend you what you need? Most people have luggage and other vacation essentials that they barely use, and they’ll be more than happy to let you use them so that you can save your money for an extra trip.

Buy Used

If you can’t borrow what you need, you could save money by looking at thrift stores, eBay and Craigslist for good deals on those travel essentials we all need to make life easier.

Book at the Last Minute

Often, if you are able to hold off and book your trip at the last possible second, you will find that you can get a better price on everything from flights to hotel rooms to car hire from somewhere like You have to be more flexible about where you’re going and for how long for this to work, but the huge savings can certainly make it worthwhile to do so.

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, and other similar reward cards allow you to earn points on every trip you make, which can then be redeemed to cut the cost of any further vacations you take. If you take advantage of the scheme, you could make massive savings over the course of the year as a frequent flier.

Check the Small Print

Different airlines have different terms and conditions and policies on things like luggage limits, which if you don’t look into before you head to the airport, could end up costing you dearly. Luckily, this can easily be avoided by actually checking the small print and getting to grips with the service you’re paying for.

Book with Airbnb

Airbnb enables you to stay in real people’s homes whilst you are on holiday, it can often work out much cheaper than paying for a hotel room and you have the advantage of choosing the kind of property you would like to stay in whether that is a whole family home to yourself or a camper van on the beach if that’s your thing.

What are your frugal travel tips?

10 thoughts on “Frugal Travel Tips for Frequent Fliers

  1. My travel tip would be about searching for discounts! Looking and asking for discounts should be a priority when planning a trip. Aside from comparing ticket prices on online travel sites, make sure to ask travel agents for available senior discounts. Additionally, membership benefits from senior groups such as the AARP may offer you discounts for hotel accommodations, rental cars, or flights.

  2. These are great tips, Heather! In addition to these, I suggest for discounts especially if you have elderly companions. Hotels, attractions, and airlines provide discounts to elderly.

    Having a policy will also come in handy when traveling. Aside from travel insurance, you should also consider getting a Medicare supplement. It’s perfect for your elderly companion because it has emergency health coverage and as well as foreign travel coverage.

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