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Frugal Tips And Tricks For Vacation Planning

Frugal Tips And Tricks For Vacation PlanningGoing on vacation isn’t exactly the most frugal thing you do in the year. However, for some people it is an essential part of their lives. They see it as a chance to bond with family members, make some memories and relax from their hectic lives of stress and pressure. I get it. Which is why I think that even with an expensive trip, there are things you can do ahead of time, and even while you are there, to make it as frugal and the best value for money as you can. I thought I would share with you some of my frugal tips and tricks for vacation planning.

Spend time making a decision on the location

Many of us will have a bucket list of destinations we want to see in our lifetime, but for a frugal holiday is this really the inspiration we should be taking? After all, most of those places will be either faraway or cost a fair bit. Take what you can from that list, and then consider other options that will give you similar experiences. You may want an exotic beach holiday and places like The Maldives could be the perfect choice, however, alternative places like Dubai or even Europe could provide a similar experience for a lower cost.

Book in advance for some of the best deals

In many cases, the most advance you book, the better price you will get for your holiday. It works one of two ways, advanced bookings or waiting until the last minute, which isn’t always advisable when you have a family to cater for. Look online for discount codes and vouchers that you could use in conjunction with your booking to help bring the cost down even more.

Shop around

Head to a local travel agent, but don’t be afraid to price up your vacation online. Even printing out an online quote and taking it into a local agent may help you to reduce their cost and book directly. Many different providers offer different deals and incentives to book with them, so consider all the options before finally pushing the button on your booking.

Research as much as you can about the location and what to do

Once you have your destination and vacation booked it’s time to research what you will do when you get there. This is when it’s worth hunting out specific websites to help you with the location, like myconcierge does for Dubai. It helps you to see how you can fill your days while on vacation, as well as seeing what’s on offer in your chosen location. Research can often help you save money as well.

Preparation is key

Finally, preparing for your vacation is vital. That means for things like vacation wardrobes, buying in advance for the vacation, and even what to pack. As well as other factors such as printing out boarding cards, using things like online check in to save on fees from an airline, and weighing luggage in advance to ensure you don’t go over the required weight. Preparing can help to keep unforeseen costs at bay.

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