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Frugal Furnishings: Deciding Whether to Restore, Repair or Replace

Frugal Furnishings: Deciding Whether to Restore, Repair or Replace

If you are on a tight budget and need to be a bit frugal when it comes to furnishings, you will probably want to repair and restore some items, rather than replace them.

It could be that you could help to improve the look of your furniture by using someone like table legs to spruce your item up, or maybe there are some other tricks and tips you can use, especially if you like what you have got and don’t necessarily want to go and buy new.

Older is sometimes better

When it comes to furniture that you may have had for a number of years or maybe even inherited from a family member when you first moved in, you can often find that it is sturdier and enjoys a greater quality of build than its modern counterpart.

The question that you want to ask yourself is do you really want to replace your old furniture with something new that is almost certainly not going to be as well made or likely to last as long?

You will often hear it said that they don’t make things like they used to, and that is often true when talking about furniture, so take a good look at how salvageable your item is and whether you would be better off repairing than replacing.

Cost comparison

If you need to completely re-cover your couch, the cost could end up to be as much as buying new furniture, but if you just need to make a repair and maybe replace a few chewed cushions, that should work out to be a cheaper and more viable option.

The cost of fabric can be expensive, depending on the quality and the amount you need, plus there is the labor you will have to pay for a professional restoration.

Try to assess how extensive the repairs are that you need or at least try to get a quote for refurbishment of your existing couch, co that you can do an accurate cost comparison between what you will spend on repairs and what you will need to pay for a replacement.

The value makes a difference

There are two different scenarios where value is an influential factor when deciding what to do with your furniture.

The first aspect is whether the piece of furniture is actually valuable as an antique or whether it is just old and has a sentimental value to you.

If the item is an antique and has a value attached to it, firstly you won’t want to ditch it for something new, and secondly, you will have to be careful with how you tackle the restoration.

You can soon devalue an item of furniture if you botch the restoration and destroy some of its original features, so consider any professional restoration costs as an investment, if it is going to preserve or enhance its value.

An item that holds sentimental value is also hard to part with and again you may want to consider what something is worth to you, not just in monetary terms, so you can decide what to do with your old furniture.

Take the time to decide what to do with your frugal furnishings, so that you don’t regret it when you replace what you might well have been able to repair. A router table can be a great tool if you decide to repair some old furniture on your own. Make sure to take a look at this list so you can ensure you are purchasing the best router table on the market!


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