From Cook To Master Chef: All The Utensils You Need To Become A Skilled Cook

You may not be the next Alton Brown or Marco Pierre White but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t rock your own kitchen like the chef you dream of being. With the right tools and utensils and a bit of know-how, you can go from regular cook to master chef in no time. Just remember that to be a master chef in your own kitchen takes a lot of practice! You may burn things, throw things and get a little bit mad. But hey, that’s what the best chefs do! Have fun in the kitchen, use your imagination and start getting creative with food.

Make Your Kitchen Master Chef Ready

Just like in math when you do the sums to get the correct answer, with cooking you need to do the preparation to get the best result. Before you even think about preparing chef-worthy food, you need to sort your kitchen out. Have a look around the space and see if you have any areas that are cluttered. Ideally, you want all you counter tops to be free of any clutter. That can be stray knives and forks, unpaid bills, sugar and tea bags or cans of soda. Allocate a designated space for everything in cabinets so that you have all your counter tops free to dice, slice and create your dishes. You may also have too many appliances out on the counter. If you don’t use the toaster, rice cooker or cake mixer every couple of days, then find a cupboard for them instead. This is a great time to go through your cutlery drawer as well. Throw away any mismatched cutlery, old wooden spoons and utensils you never use. They’re just taking up space that could be better utilized. Also, go through your pantry and see what is in there that you haven’t used. Check everything for sell by dates and be ruthless. Things like flour should never be kept past sell by date as it can cause an insect infestation. Organize your pantry cupboard so that everything is easily accessible. A high pull-out pantry cabinet with shelves on tracks is perfect for organization.

From Cook To Master Chef: All The Utensils You Need To Become A Skilled Cook

Tools And Utensils To Become A Master Chef

First up you’re going to need to invest in a good set of knives. You will need a paring knife, a serrated knife, a boning knife and a chef’s knife. Your chef’s knife is an absolute staple in the kitchen. Look for one that is 8-10 inches long and choose the highest quality you can afford. Your paring knife does the jobs your chef’s knife can’t. You will use it for slicing things like garlic and strawberries. Your serrated knife will be used for slicing all your bread. Yep, once you are a master chef, you’ll be baking your own bread too! The last one up is the boning knife. This will be used for cutting up and boning fish and cutting meat. It’s a more flexible knife so will be easier to use for these tasks. Next up is cookware. If you have the latest in technology, your kitchen will have an induction hob. These super sleek, glossy hobs only heat up when a heavy pan is placed on the hob, and they stop generating heat when the pan is removed. This is the choice of hob for those who want the best cooking experience. You need a special cookware set for an induction hob. Make sure you get the best induction cookware set, and you’ll be on your way to master chef status in not time. Induction cooking is much more energy efficient and safer. You will also need a high-quality roasting pan, a stock pot and a meat thermometer. And make sure you have scales, measuring spoons, a strainer and a gravy separator. Also invest in a good cutting board, a vegetable peeler, a silicon spatula, mixing bowls, a whisk, a grater and a potato peeler. Let’s hope you have a birthday coming up soon!

From Cook To Master Chef: All The Utensils You Need To Become A Skilled Cook

Bakeware Essentials For Becoming A Cake Queen

If you’re going to become a master chef, you’re also going to have to learn how to make desserts. Bin that pre-made mix right now! You’ll need to have some extra tools and utensils in place to become a cake queen. You’ll need to invest in good quality baking tins and a cooling rack as well. A cooling rack will help ventilate your cakes and biscuits and prevent them from going soggy. This is one not to miss off the list. You will also need baking parchment for lining your cake tins and grease proof paper too. Get some pretty cookie cutters to create some cute shapes when you are baking and don’t forget those all-important mixing bowls too. Choose heatproof bowls so that you can also melt chocolate and make sure you have two or three on hand. Most recipes will require more than one. A palette knife will ensure you get a smooth iced finish on your cakes, and a pastry brush is perfect for glazing. Also invest in a sturdy rolling pin, a sieve and a skewer so that you can check when your cakes are done. If you insert your skewer into the cake, and it comes out clean, then it is perfectly cooked all the way through.

From Cook To Master Chef: All The Utensils You Need To Become A Skilled Cook

Super Small Appliances That Should Be On Your List

If only one appliance could do it all! But unfortunately, that’s just not the case. You will need some small appliances in your master chef kitchen to enable you to become a pro cook. A food processor is your number one indispensable item. It will pretty much chop up anything you want super fast before your eyes. You can chop nuts, herbs, vegetables and garlic. This nifty little appliance will slice and dice with super speed. A food processor is great for making your own pesto and pureeing soups. You can also grind meat, grate cheese and make delicious cookie crumbs. A blender is your next go-to small appliance. This is essential if you are going to bake. You will be able to save your own muscles and strength and use it to make smoothies and milkshakes. It’s also perfect for when you are making cookies and cakes too. What is the main difference between a blender and a food processor? A blender works best for mixing liquids and liquid-based ingredients, and a food processor will chop and slice harder foods. Your next small appliance must-have is a slow cooker. If you have a busy day ahead, and you want a delicious hot meal when you arrive home, all you have to do is throw all the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning and leave them to stew for the day. You can cook chili, rice, spaghetti bologna and chicken dishes in this way when time is short. Slow cookers are economical and simple to use. Our last small appliance is just for fun! Why not invest in a wine cooler that can be integrated into a kitchen cabinet? Adding wine to shellfish, poached fish and poultry recipes can make your dishes extra luxurious. And of course, you’ll appreciate a cool glass of white wine after all that hard work in the kitchen!

What are the last few things to remember if you want to become a master chef in the kitchen? Be organized and clean as you go. Always taste your dishes as you cook so you can work out if you need to add more flavor. And last but not least, have fun experimenting. Don’t always stick to the recipe and learn to put your own stamp on each dish.

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