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Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Freshly Picked for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a free product in exchange for an honest review!

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

About Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins

100% Genuine Leather Moccasins
Each item in our shop is hand made in the U.S.A. and ready to ship
“Freshly Picked moccasins feature a unique design with elastic at the opening. Our shoes are easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: stay on your child’s foot. Our soft-soled shoes are made with durable leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike. These gorgeous moccs have been featured in Parenting Magazine, IN TOUCH, US weekly,, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Kim Take New York.”

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


My Review

Finding adorable and comfortable infant shoes that actually stay on your baby’s feet is a very rare thing indeed. I recently discovered the most stylish and unique baby shoes from Freshly Picked, their baby moccasins are simply amazing! These one of a kind “hand made in the USA shoes” will have everyone complimenting you on your baby’s sweet footwear. I just love the elastic openings on the shoes, these make them perfectly snug on babies feet so you don’t have to worry about them falling off. They are also extremely soft, cozy and comfortable so baby will be comfortable while keeping his/her feet warm. Overall these baby moccasins have been very well made, it is clearly evident that quality time and effort went into making them. The quality and design is flawless in my opinion, the perfect footwear for infants and toddlers. If you are looking for exceptional and comfortable footwear for your little one, I highly recommend you take a look at the Freshly Picked website. They have a fantastic collection and all of the colors are just divine!

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)


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50 thoughts on “Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. I love moccasin style shoes for little one’s. They slip on easily and are soft an comfortable. Sometimes I wish my older kids still wore them 🙂

  2. These are so adorable! I would love a pair for my baby girl. The weathered brown and aruba colors are my favorite

  3. I love moccasins! When my son was two months old I contacted one of the people of the show mountain men and paid them to hand make him moccasins. They did and they were amazing and all but they fit him kind of awkward so he out grew them fast. These look like they would be so comfortable on him and actually fit right. I hope I win!

  4. These are so cute and would be great to have a few different colored pairs. Thanks for the review

  5. Great review! It makes me even more eager to own a pair for my baby!! I think my favorite part about them is the little foot imprint it leaves so your baby’s moccs become a treasured keepsake ♡

  6. They look like a great shoe for early walkers. It helps that they’re so stinkin’ cute! Good to hear that they have great quality and stay on well.

  7. These are such a great shoes! It’s the only shoe that will stay on my babes feet. I love that they are great quality and so comfy for babes!

  8. these are the most adorable shoes ever! i really love this brand and hope I get to have a pair for my daughter one day. hey have so many great colors and they look so comfy!

  9. I’m glad you said they have elastic on them as I was wondering how they would stay on the feet 🙂 Also glad they are soft but firm enough to stand on! Thank you for the review!

  10. These moccasins are so cute and colorful and well made. I really wish that they came in adult sizes. I would have s pair in every color

  11. These moccasins are wonderfully made and something to pass along from child to child. (after you buy every color, of course!)

  12. How nice that it fits babies and toddlers alike– choice of colors are wonderful, I love the fact they are so dureable that another little one would be able to get some use out of them and the fact they stay on- and the snug elasctic to insure a good fit, no loosing one that way–thanks for the review of these — an awesome idea for babies and toddlers

  13. Oh, I love these even more knowing that they’re handmade! I love, love, love the idea of having a pair of moccasins for my daughter’s little feet. They’re so adorable and they look so comfortable.

  14. What gorgeous moccasins! I love how well made they are and what a great item to pass down the line ♥ So many colors too!!

  15. these are absolutely adorable! i am totally with you that comfortable and affordable infant shoes are hard to find, these are amazing! i love that they’re handmade too! thanks for sharing and providing lots of pics!

  16. I think my favorite thing about Freshly Pocked is the foot prints that are left after your babe has worn them so many times. GREAT keepsake. I could never pass them down or sell them. Our first pair that my son has are in a shadow box 🙂

  17. Normally, I am not one to put shoes on an infant, but our little one is due in September, while our other two were summer babes. These moccasins are the perfect solution to comfortable shoes that look wonderful, but don’t add a bunch of weight to their feet. Love it!

  18. Nice review! I am intrigued by these shoes and online reviews have helped me realize how great they are.

  19. These moccasins are so adorable!! It definitely is hard to find shoes that actually stay on my baby boys feet. I love that these are genuine leather and hand made!

  20. My daughter has a crew shoes and of course they fall right off!
    I’m glad these stay on and they’re so cute too!
    If I don’t win the giveaway, I’m totally going to purchase a pair.

  21. I love the fact that they slip right on no fuss. I do wonder how much padding is at the bottom. If baby wears this outside and steps on something sharp with their little foot be ok?

  22. I like how easy they are to get on, but how great they actually stay on as well. Until they’re really walking, it’s hard to both put shoes on and keep them on!

  23. I love these adorable moccasins! My mom used to make these when I was a kid, I’m so happy to see them as such a popular trend now! Would love to see my new baby girl in a pair!

  24. I wore moccasins all the time when I was a little girl, they were my favorite shoes. My mom would crack up if my baby was wearing them.

  25. Love that they are hand made in the USA, simply Adorable Moccasins. Such a wonderful design, glad that they are so comfortable & will stay on.

  26. You deal missfrugalmommy are surrounded by cuteness every day! All these products that you review are absolutely precious! That includes the sweet little moccasins ! Every little baby needs a pair on their tiny little toes!

  27. I love these! They are so adorable and fashionable! Unique too! I also appreciate the elastic in the foot band, that helps hold them on baby’s feet. : )

  28. I simply love the the information, I have been looking at these beauties for some time now. Moccasins are a great design & look so comfortable. I love the Natural look ♥

  29. What an enjoyable review~ Talking about complete Comfort for Baby’s little feet~ Love these little moccasins. It is great that they will stay on baby’s feet and not slip off like most little booties and soft shoes. They look adorable too!!

  30. I would love a pair for my son! There are so many adorable colors to choose from too! They look so comfortable and that is important when I look for my babies shoes!

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