Four Unique and Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas

Picking out the perfect wedding anniversary gift can be a tedious task. At times, nothing can seem quite special or perfect enough for the person you decided to spend your life with. The traditional, common gifts of jewelry and flowers isn’t always enough to show your significant other how much they’re loved.

Putting thought and effort into a unique anniversary gift can warm your loved one’s heart— but finding inspiration for such gifts can be near impossible. We’ve set out a few ideas as jumping off points to help you show your love.

Idea #1: Personalized Gifts

Websites like Etsy are a great place to get professional but personalized gifts. These gifts can be perfect for someone lacking DIY talent that still want to make their gifts special.

Some great personalized gifts listed on Etsy include:

  • A night sky map that captures the position and constellations in the sky on the night of your wedding
  • A photo on wooden pallets that capture a magical moment with a unique rustic charm
  • A keychain with a custom message or date that your loved one can carry with them everywhere

More ideas can be found on Etsy or at Things Remembered. You can also create a personalized bobblehead that looks like your loved one. Go to Cheap Bobbleheads shop for more details.

Idea #2: Do it Yourself Love

DIY gifts are a great idea if you have the time and love crafts. They’re typically more budget-friendly than traditional gifts and add a deeper layer of love and sentiment than something store-bought.

There are millions of DIY projects out there, but here are some of our favorites.

If none of these strike your fancy, explore the craft website Pinterest for DIY Anniversary Gifts. You’ll find seemingly endless ones there, and you’re bound to find the perfect craft!

 Idea #3: Practical but Special

Some people find the most value in a gift they can use every day. Try to pay attention to what your spouse uses every day. Are they a cooking aficionado? A modern, classic cutting board set might be the best way to tell them that you know and value their needs. Do they enjoy getting their hands dirty in the dirt and taking care of the backyard? Check out what tools they may be missing from their lawn or garden care arsenal. If they tend to be the ones asking to order out or have a black thumb, consider a simpler gift.

Remember that upgrading old and worn out belongings can be equally helpful. New technology, watches, perfume, or cologne could be a great way to show your loved ones that they’re cherished. Think of what you know your spouse loves and figure out the perfect gift from there.

 Idea #4: Gift by Year

A traditional style of giving anniversary gifts based on the year has roots in the 1922 book “Etiquette” by Emily Post. Each year’s gift centers around a theme, giving a lost gift giver some inspiration.

  • For your first anniversary, give a paper themed gift.
  • For your second anniversary, give a cotton themed gift.
  • For your third anniversary, give a leather themed gift.
  • For your fourth anniversary, give fruits or flowers.
  • For your fifth anniversary, give a wood themed gift.

For inspiration for up to sixty years of marriage, check out the official  Hallmark Anniversary Gifts by Year page. They also include some modern twists on the traditional themes!

If you’re working to find an anniversary gift for a different special couple in your life, check out these anniversary gift ideas for couples. Happy gifting!