Food That’s Better For Your Dog & the Planet!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chippin. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

Duke was our first dog and it has been quite a learning experience the past several years. During his first few months with us I noticed that his skin was getting red and itchy. Being that he was my first dog, I started to do some research and discovered that the cause of his skin irritation and redness was due to the food we were feeding him. I have learned so much since then and am quite particular about the food and treats we get him because I know how bad his skin can get. Since this discovery we have only been feeding him treats and dog food that are made from vegetables and fish. Skin irritation… gone!

I did not realize how many dogs suffer from skin issues due to the low quality meat that is put into most dog foods. So I am always looking for brands that provide foods without it. Chippin is a great option as all of their products contain NO proteins or byproducts from mammals. 

Chippin is a small women-owned business that’s on a mission to nourish dogs with high quality foods that help “chip in” to reduce the carbon pawprint. Chippin is made with a curated selection of all natural ingredients and cricket, spirulina and silver carp proteins. These are science-backed sources of digestible protein that use 80%+ fewer resources. So not only can you feel good about the food you are giving your dog, but you can feel even better knowing you are helping the planet.

Chippin is made in the USA and they have partnered with small-medium sized local farms in order to directly source their ingredients. Their dog food is made from humane grade cricket, spirulina and silver carp proteins. Our farmers are partners we know and trust! As I mentioned previous, most issues dogs have with their food is the protein found in beef, chicken, lamb and dairy. Eliminating foods with meat protein and choosing an alternative like Chippin can be life changing for your dog if they are having stomach or skin issues.

Chippin treats such as the Smokehouse BBQ Treats are packed with cricket, pumpkin and carrot. Each treat is easily all-natural and planet-friendly. You may also be interested to know that cricket protein is a complete source of protein that is highly digestible.

The Chippin Silver Carp Daily Food is fresh silver carp sourced directly from USA fishermen. The food is also made with silver carp and a curated selection of all natural ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals that are sure to make a splash at mealtime. Another interesting fact… by fishing for silver carp (an overpopulated fish) Chippin daily dog food helps to restore biodiversity to US waterways and protect the Great Lakes. So many reasons to love this brand!

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