Five Brain Foods to Improve Your Memory and Concentration

While there are other supplements you can buy to improve your memory and concentration, why not go for the natural products? Eating specific natural foods that have a positive effect on your memory and focus is much healthier than buying supplements. Here are five great and tasty foods to improve your focus and memory!


Blueberries are an amazing and tasty food which you can eat to contribute to improving your concentration and memory. Researchers have found out that blueberries can boost focus for almost five hours due to the antioxidants which stimulate the blood flow and oxygen to the brain. They are also very healthy and provide benefits such as protection against cancer, dementia, and heart diseases. On top of that, you can make blueberry juice which is very tasty!

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate differs from regular, milky chocolate. Dark chocolate contains a pretty small amount of Caffeine, and as everyone knows, caffeine helps boost mental capacity. You might know this from drinking coffee in the morning. Dark chocolate also contains Magnesium, which helps with the release of endorphins and specific hormones like serotonin, which makes you feel less stressed and also happier. You won’t achieve a better effect by eating more chocolate but a small amount per day will be just fine! As a side note, we’d recommend getting Peak Nootropics Alpha GPC supplement which is water soluble – a powerful supplement which when combined with natural ways of improving memory and concentration, is an excellent choice!

Egg Yolk

While it may seem disgusting to a lot of people, egg yolk is very healthy for humans. You do, however, need to make sure that the eggs are healthy because of salmonella risk. Egg yolk provides choline, a nutrient that helps with mental health and cognitive capability. Choline is a rare nutrient that isn’t commonly found in other foods.


Beets are another healthy food that helps with brain power and concentration. This is possible thanks to the ability of the Beet to increase blood flow to the brain. Researchers also found out that it is a safe way to help with fighting Dementia. You can make beet juice to help you get an energy boost as well. However, certain guidelines need to be followed to achieve the desired effects.  Of course, if an older loved one has already been diagnosed the best thing to do is to find help with Alzheimer’s and dementia care at a specialist center.


You probably heard that kids don’t like to eat broccoli, but have you heard that broccoli helps lower the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease, as well as improving memory and cognitive ability? That’s right; broccoli is a miracle food which helps with many things at once. You can boil them and use them in various recipes!

Final Words

These are just a few miracle foods for increasing the effectiveness of your memory and concentration, this review was helpful as well. Other foods that do the same job are Avocados, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Celery, Oatmeal, Green Tea, Coconut Oil, Salmon, Bananas, and other green leafy vegetables. Whatever your choice, there’s always a way to make it tasty if by any chance you don’t like some of these foods. In the end, you have so many choices that you won’t need artificial and synthetic stimulants to help improve your brain power!

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