Feeding Techniques For Your Food Aggressive Dog

Feeding Techniques For Your Food Aggressive Dog

Food aggression in dogs is an extremely dangerous behavior. Dogs with this behavior issue pose a threat to you and other members of your household, along with any other animals residing in your home. In addition, most cases of food aggression lead to other types of aggression in your dog. For this reason, aggressive dog training is crucial at this point to put an end to this behavior before it becomes a bigger problem.
Food Aggression is Dangerous Behavior
Food aggression is not a behavior that simply goes away on its own. Often times, a dog owner does nothing about this issue until they have no choice but to. There is an assumption that it’s normal for dogs to growl, stiffen, and snarl while positioning themselves between their food dish and you. Dog owners simply decide to never enter the same space or room while the dog is eating. However, resource guarding tends to increase as the dog moves on to other household items as well. If they’re allowed to be aggressive eaters, eventually a biting incident will occur.
If your dog displays food aggression, there may be an underlying medical condition causing this behavior. If your veterinarian finds no medical reason for this behavior, dog training books offer ways for you to help your dog overcome this aggressiveness. One way is by ensuring your dog’s food is filled with the needed nutrients to help them feel full after eating rather than hungry.
 Feeding Techniques For Your Food Aggressive Dog
Another option would be aggressive dog training and implementing specific feeding techniques. If you believe your dog poses a threat it is advisable to seek professional aggressive dog training. If not, feeding techniques, such as hand feeding, interrupting mealtime, or upgrading food can be extremely helpful to end this dangerous behavior.
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3 thoughts on “Feeding Techniques For Your Food Aggressive Dog

  1. Hi Heather,

    This is a great, concise post on food aggression. You’re spot on when you say many do owners try to ignore the behavior, which is very dangerous. What’s even more dangerous is for dog owners to try and resolve the issue themselves without much knowledge on the root cause.

    It’s only through understanding our dogs and treating them with compassion that we can help them overcome obstacles in their lives.

    Thanks for creating awareness not only around this kind of behavior but more importantly around how to help our dogs with love and compassion

  2. This is great information. Many people think it is a natural response, but there are underlying reasons that are outside the nature of the animal. Fortunately, in most cases, home-training is effective. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello, I have a beagle and bull dog mix. He is about 2 years old but has an aggression problem when it comes to his food. He usually only gets aggressive if he is eating or chewing something he knows he shouldn’t, and you tell him no and he doesn’t show teeth he just will bite,sometimes hard. He got my younger brother today and hurt him good. We don’t want to get didn’t of him. He is a very sweet dog otherwise. But we can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars getting him trained either .. does anyone have any suggestions?

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