Favorite Tips For Female Travelers To Uganda

Are you a female traveler and you want to know everything that is required of you while on a Uganda safari? For female travelers who are interested in visiting Uganda this coming holiday, we have provided some of the tips that we feel will be of great help to you as you plan to have the most enjoyable and exciting safari in Africa. They are of significant value to first time or repeat travelers on African safari;

How to get to Uganda

Unlike before, today traveling to Uganda has become simpler given that there are airlines that have kept on joining the travel sector and hence expanding Uganda’s routes. In case you are residing on the East Coast of the United States starting October 2018, you will have a direct flight to Nairobi where you will connect to Entebbe International Airport for about an hour flight. Uganda is accessible through Entebbe International Airport as well as Kigali International Airport where you can easily link to Southwestern side of Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park which feature among the very few remarkable protected areas in the world where mountain gorillas are tracked each day in Uganda.


Your dressing code also matters a lot more when it comes to Uganda safaris. In case you are within Kampala city centre, you will come across most of females dressed up well and a bit of classic fashion even when they are second hand clothes from North America or Europe. This means you have also to be dressed smartly in a conservative manner especially during daytime, night and bar as things can easily change. Avoid shorts as this in most cases violets African cultures. Jeans, dresses, skirts, khaki trousers are better for any cultural problems. Note that your dressing code for Uganda safaris will be totally different from that in town.

Do not come along with your expensive jewelry

Do not put on gold jewelry, necklaces, gold or even diamond earrings, costly watches and others. Note that these are the most looked for items by most people and you can easily lose them especially in the most crowded areas. However, our driver guides will be there to make sure that all your property is kept well. But note that safety starts with you so the best way should be for you to keep them off from safari.

Safety and security in Uganda

Uganda is one of the safest safari destinations in Africa and its people and very humble and warm welcoming. In addition to the usual police, there is a tourism police which is responsible to solving tourism related queries. These officers are working allover the country together with park rangers as well as other security organs to ensure that visitors are safe and secure while they enjoy their vacation. If you are on a self-drive safari in Uganda national parks, it is important to get a ranger guide who will take you on a guided tour. He will ensure not only your safety but also help you spot some animals.

Keep money out of sight and out of easy reach of others

In case you are putting on slacks and or jeans make sure you have kept your wallet, money in the front of pockets and keep your hand over it just in case you are taking a walk down town where you will encounter crowds especially for the market areas. If you are planning to purchase something, makes sure that you do it in a restaurant as this won’t attract the attention of the thieves. In case you are using ATM ensure that it is behind a door for safety reasons.

Make sure that your bag is safe

Whereas it is best idea to wear your bag across your shoulder, it is also wise that you put your hand over it to prevent it from being grabbed. It hurts that your bag gets grabbed and yet it contained your valuable especially passport, airline ticket, money, ATM and many more. To stay safe, you can scan your documents and keep them in a different area.

Passport safety

Avoid traveling with your passport with you all the time. You can use a copy of it but still keep it safe and in secure area while at the lodge. Make sure you keep safe of your passport at all times to avoid being disappointed.

Avoid lonely walking

Do not behave like you have got lost on the way even during day time or even at night. Avoid slum areas and keep within the main roads. Behaving as if you are lost attracts the attention of thieves.

Getting around safely in Uganda

While boda-boda motorcyclists are all over the country, they may not be the safest means for you to navigate through Uganda, they should have helmets. And if you have gadgets like tablets, smart phones, laptops and many more, make sure that they are well protected. The best and safest way for you to navigate through Uganda is basically hiring a safari car with a reputable and reliable tour company and we are among the very few most reliable tour operators that offer wide range of comfortable and pocket friendly car hire in Uganda.

How to defuse flirtation attempts

As a female traveler, you will face an occasional attempt by men at a flirting and this isn’t in Uganda or Rwanda alone, it can take place in any part of the world. Make sure that you keep your sense of humor at all times.

Eating out and staying well

If you are hungry, do not eat out in most of the street vendors given their hygiene. However, Uganda is famous for Rolex and you can grab one while in any of the restaurants or hotel. Do not depend on the salads unless it if served to you at a good standard restaurant or hotel and if you are vegetarian, Uganda is the ideal destination that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on African safari.

You will need a mobile phone-preferably a smart phone

You can get a local mobile phone at $8 to $25 plus a Sim Card and you will be in position to get connected with people back home and also within Uganda. MTN and Airtel Uganda are the leading phone providers that you can deal with. Other useful travel requirements to take note of include visas and yellow fever vaccination.

In conclusion, Uganda is undeniably one of the most remarkable safari destinations that you shouldn’t miss to pay a visit while on African safari whether for self drive or guided adventures. If you are a female traveler and you are planning to travel to Uganda, we believe that the above tips will guide you and you will have the most enjoyable and exciting safari in Africa.

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