Does Office Furniture Impact Productivity?

What is the role of a manager in an office setting? If you are an employee you may be rolling your eyes right now and saying something like “to make my life difficult”, but that of course is not really the case. A manager is there to help make sure everyone stays on task and remains as productive as possible. That is what the company hires them to do, and that means looking at all possible resources for squeezing as much productivity out of workers as they can.

What Kind Of Factors Influence Productivity?

There is a common belief that the only thing that motivates people to work is the paycheck that they receive. Obviously, this is a big factor for a lot of people coming to work in the first place, but it is not the only thing that can make a person productive. In fact, there are other incentives that are even more powerful than a salary increase in certain circumstances.

Some of the things that productivity studies have discovered that influence productivity include:

  • Co-Workers That Are Easy To Get Along With
  • A Sense Of Purpose To The Work
  • Good Work Is Highlighted
  • Believes In The Mission Of The Company
  • Healthy Work-Life Balance
  • Desire To Move Up In The Company

These are some of the topics that come up time and time again, but this list is leaving something off. The physical atmosphere of the office itself also plays a major role in the productivity of workers. Everything from the reception desk to the corner office has an influence on the psychology of the mind. It may sound odd, but that is how we as human beings tend to operate.

What Color Does To An Office

Have you ever walked into a room and had a certain emotional response to it even though you had never previously been in that space? A lot of people report this, and there is a fairly simple answer as to why this is the case. A lot of it has to do with the color and design of the room itself.

A brightly colored room brings out a more positive and sunny disposition upon people. Rooms in darker colors such as blue, purple, or grey are often less enlightening in that respect. However, those colors can trigger other emotional responses such as an increased level of concentration that are also important when discussing productivity.

How Does The Office Furniture Impact Things?

Think about the employee who sits at the reception desk all day and answers phones and greets visitors. What is something that could have a major impact on the productivity of that individual? How about the kind of chair they are allowed to sit on throughout that long day? That is perhaps the most significant part of the their entire work day, and you cannot push that aside. They have to sit in that chair for long stretches of time, and it can influence the way their whole body feels.

A worker who feels supported by their office furniture and doesn’t have aches and pains is likely to get more things done throughout the day. Not only can they get more work done, but they probably put more of their effort into it as well. The speed and efficiency of that worker skyrockets all because they have been provided with superior furniture.

Furniture For Leisure

Many companies are now experimenting with allowing their employees to spend at least some of their time at work in leisure. Doesn’t this seem to fly in the face of trying to have the most productive workers of all? Well, it may sound odd, but workers who are allowed to take sustained breaks in which they can actually get away from their desk and relax a little tend to work better as well.

Great office furniture that works to support an employee when they are in their state of leisure is a terrific investment on the part of any company looking to make a profit. The ROI (return on investment) that one gets from a simple change like this is enormous. Ergonomic massage office chairs are a great way to re-create a wellness feeling at the office, with the added benefit of reducing back pain and stres

Managers must realize that the most productive workers are not those who are pushed to their limits but rather those who are allowed to be human beings while at work. They are the people who feel that they get something from the work that they do. They are the people who want to contribute more because they believe in the cause that they are working for.

Furniture in the office plays a central role in helping make employees more productive and more happy to be at work in general. You have the ability to make choices about what kind of furniture you wish to put in your office whenever you would like to. Seize that moment and start getting more from your team.

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