Facts About Pet Insurance You Should Know

Pet is much more than just a little addition to your house. They are part of your family and deserve the same care as other family members. Like any other family member, they too may fall sick or get injured. It is your liability to get them treated. You would like the best veterinarian to take care of your pet. You would choose the best health care clinic for your loved pet. However, this sometimes adds to your expenses. For that reason, more and more people are opting for pet insurance. Many companies offer various packages. You can also know more about choosing pet insurance policies on the Internet. But before you decide to take up an insurance policy for your pet here are some facts which you need to know.

· Health insurance

If you have a pet, you would visit a veterinarian regularly for a routine check-up. These visits become more expensive when some surgery or tests are required due to some illnesses and emergencies. Health insurance for pets works similar to human health insurance. These plans also include annual premiums, co-pay, caps, deductibles, etc. You can get health insurance for all sorts of pets including exotic birds, rabbits, reptiles, rodents, etc. The insurance cover depends upon the age, health profile, and level of care selected for your pet. Some companies have an age limit for insurance while others provide insurance for older pets at a higher cost. You may also face exclusion of certain breeds due to the likelihood of genetic illness and pre-existing conditions.

· Basic cover

This includes payments for accidents, poisoning, and diseases including cancer. However, you will get the lowest reimbursement for treatments and hence have to pay the least.

· Comprehensive cover

These covers are somewhat expensive than the basic ones. You get additional reimbursement for x-rays, diagnosis test, lab fee, office visits, and prescriptions

· Well care protection

These are meant for protective care. The facilities include vaccination and heart-worm protection, flea, and physical examination, etc. Generally, there are no deductibles for wellness and care.

· Life and theft insurance

This kind of insurance is generally opted by zoos. If your pet is a championship pet like winner cats, dogs, horses, etc, you would like to get life and theft insurance for them. Typically it is for the valuable pets. These policies pay for a stolen pet or if your animal dies in some kind of covered events like transport, accidents, etc.

· General protection

Pets are often super active and are more likely to cause damage in your neighborhood. This can happen even when you are walking with them on the roadside. These policies assist you in legal issues in case of damages caused by your pet. You can find some homeowner insurance policies which offer protection include pets.

· Liability

Your homeowner insurance can provide liability protection in case your dog bites someone or causes injury. These policies help defend you in court if you are sued for your pet’s action.

· Personal property

Some homeowners and renters policy have covers for the accessories of your pets in the personal property section.

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