Encouraging My Kids To Be Healthy

Encouraging My Kids To Be Healthy

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mott’s®. All opinions are mine alone. #WatchMeGrow 

If you have been following my blog for a while now then you know that I am a strong advocate for living a healthy lifestyle. I believe finding a healthy balance in life is important and being an example for your children is crucial. There is no question about it that children lead by example, so it’s best for us parents to ensure we provide them with an example of what a healthy lifestyle looks like. You also need to present them with healthy choices early in life, as this will result in them growing into adults that make healthy choices. That means ensuring that your pantry is full of nutritious foods and not ones full of sugar and unhealthy ingredients.

As a mother of three I find it difficult some days to be that perfect parent who has prepared a Pinterest worthy dinner and provides fresh snacks all day long! Life is busy, and some days are hectic. Like the days my older kids have school, activities, homework, clubs, sports and my toddler is nonstop from morning until night in addition to her activities. I want to take advantage of any free time I can get and spend it with my kids and watch them grow, not being stuck in the kitchen preparing multiple meals and snacks. It is always important to remember to slow down and enjoy watching them being kids and not worrying about the other millions of little things that won’t matter in years to come.

I swear my two year old was just crawling around the yard and gushing over every little leaf or stick she discovered. Now she is almost three and sprinting in every direction, climbing branches in the yard and talking in full sentences. This all happened in a blink of an eye! I have teamed up with Mott’s and Walmart this year to help parents everywhere keep track of our child’s growth and ensure that they are given the chance to grow up big and strong!

How amazing is this growth chart I got just for buying Mott’s at Walmart? We are in the process of moving to our new home and can’t wait to place it on the wall in her new room. I have always wanted to have something to track my children’s growth and this is the perfect solution!

Here’s How You Get Your Growth Chart:

  • Buy $10 worth of Mott’s juice or sauce at Walmart
  • Register for the offer on
  • Upload receipts on now thru 9/15/2017
  • The growth chart will be mailed to your home once receipts have been verified.
  • Mott’s juice items are located in the juice section of Walmart
  • Mott’s sauce items are located in the apple/fruit sauce sections

Encouraging My Kids To Be Healthy

Mott’s items are the perfect way to give my children healthy food choices and for me to maintain some type of sanity in this crazy thing we call life! I can actually sit, take a moment to relax, and observe them being the amazing kids they are. Mott’s is also full of real fruit goodness and is an excellent source of vitamins that help little ones start strong and grow strong. Mott’s helps your kids be healthy, whether it’s school lunches, daytime snacks, or family meal time!

Encouraging My Kids To Be Healthy

Being healthy doesn’t mean living a life where you feel deprived of your favorite foods, it’s simply finding that equal balance and working in some physical activity throughout the week. I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comment section below how Mott’s lets you enjoy watching your children grow!

Encouraging My Kids To Be Healthy

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