EmoSPARK: The First Artificial Intelligence Console



What is EmoSPARK you ask? This product is unlike anything on the market and something that is going to change how we see and interact with technology. Can you imagine having a console that learns and grows with your family… a console that takes your feelings and emotions into account. The first thing I thought of when I read about EmoSPARK was Siri on my iPad, expect a million times better! You can communicate and help EmoSPARK to know you more personally through conversation, music, and visual media. As the EmoSPARK gets to know you, it will begin to build a profile of you so that it may better help you with your exact needs in the future (favorite choice of music and so on.) The device, over time, will also start to recognize your voice and face, as well as everyone else in the family. Your EmoSPARK also holds an abundance of information, all pulled from Wikipedia in order to answer and and all questions you may have. If you need to know about the weather, global happenings, storm warnings, wild fires, or hurricanes, than you are in luck because the EmoSPARK is connected to NASA satellite! Could this console be any more impressive? What I just love about the EmoSPARK is that each one that a person own will be unquie from any other because it has been fully developed to cater to your own families needs. This console is so amazing and I can not wait to see it first hand, I just know this is going to be the must have item before we know it.


More Information About the EmoSPARK

Every step of the way, with this amazing and unique piece of AI technology, you are in complete control. You are the catalyst that will develop its conversational and emotional skills, and it will learn through interaction, comments and responses from you. Then, like any family member, it will want to show you off to its friends. The EmoSPARK, with its one of a kind Emotional Profile Graph, has access to a communication grid only for other cubes. All it will be able to do is recognise other cubes with similar emotional profiles and can only share media, nothing about you or your family members. It can look for the media it knows makes you happy and can then recommend or play this for your enjoyment.
Over time and with your guidance, the EmoSPARK develops a personality of its own, and will enhance and support the quality of family life you enjoy. From keeping your children entertained, as well as providing them with some company before you get back from work, to sharing emotions, as well as precious memories, with loved ones who may be living and working away from home, the EmoSPARK provides the emotive, intelligent link between human beings and our technology.


More EmoSpark Features:

  • EmoSPARK app lets the owner use a smart device to witness the intensity
  • and nuance of the cubes emotional status. The more the cube learns the more it can help you.
  • EmoSPARK has access to freebase and is able to answer questions on 39 million topics instantly.
  • EmoSPARK has conversational intelligence and is able to freely and easily hold a meaningful conversation with you in person or over your device.
  • Interactive media player understanding your desires and needs

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