Embrace the Farm Life: 4 Tips for Raising Chickens at Home

Did you know that sales of chicken coops and feed have increased more than 500% since the outbreak of the coronavirus?

People are dreaming about waking up every morning to fresh eggs for breakfast. What a wonderful vision!

If you’re serious about raising chickens in your backyard, then you need to know what it takes to do it right.

Check out our tips for raising chickens below. Let’s get started!

1. Keep Your Eye on Them

You shouldn’t simply expect your chicks to start to grow healthy and strong without any effort.

Treat them as members of your family. That means spending time together and ensuring they stay healthy.

If your hens start to behave differently, you’ll know straight away. If you notice something strange, you know there’s a problem.

You need to examine your girls regularly. Are there any signs of infection in the eyes or scrapes on their feet?

2. Chicken Feed for Your Flock

The healthier your flock, the better the eggs they produce.

You need to make sure your hens always have access to fresh drinking water every day. This is especially important during hot weather.

There are many types of chicken feed. The suitable feed usually depends on the age of your chickens.

Each type of feed has a different amount of protein to allow the chicken to stay strong and healthy throughout their life.

Just make sure you avoid giving the wrong feed to your younger chicks since this could cause significant health problems.

If you have any leftovers, such as pieces of fruit or grains, you can also give your chickens this type of food to eat as well.

3. Allow Your Chickens to Run Free

You want to make sure your chickens have enough space to roam around. This is a great way to ensure your girls are happy and healthy.

This doesn’t just allow your chickens to be healthier. It also ensures that the hens produce better and tastier eggs as well.

Obviously, if you live near a busy road, don’t let your chickens out of your backyard. But, give them as much space as possible.

4. Regularly Clean the Coop

Keeping your chicken coop clean and tidy is important. You don’t want to let your chickens live in squalor.

There are likely to be feathers and droppings that gather in the coop all of the time. That’s why weekly cleanings are essential.

Just grab a shovel and a rake to get everything looking clean and tidy once again. You can do this while your chickens are wandering around the yard.

You could also add apple cider vinegar to clean the coop. This is a great way to disinfect everything before adding new straw for the coop.

Tips for Raising Chickens

Raising chickens in your backyard is all the rage. But, if you’re going to keep chickens in a coop in your urban farm, you need to be prepared.

Our tips for raising chickens include everything from feeding your girls well to allowing them space to roam around.

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