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Eight Things You Never Knew Your Aga Could Do

Eight Things You Never Knew Your Aga Could DoWhether you already have an Aga or whether you’re planning to install your dream machine soon, there are some things it can do that you’ll never have thought of. Read on to find out why your Aga is all you’ll ever need – as well as a cheap order of fuel from Emo Oil, of course!

Your Aga is a multi-tasking genius

It can dry your laundry as well as heat up your home. It can cook dinner, dry damp boots and shoes and even reduce your ironing load as you can lay things out flat to dry.

It’s actually better than a regular oven

You may have worried, or you may still be worrying, about your Aga being difficult to get the hang of, but it’s not at all. True, it takes time to get used to, but this is fun and once you’ve mastered it, there’s no stopping you!

It’ll be the heart of your home in a way a regular oven never will be

When was the last time your cats took a snooze by your built-in oven? When did you lean on it after a wintry walk? Exactly.

You’ll never have cold tea or coffee again

If you put your cafetiere, teapot or cups on top of the Aga, they’ll stay warm for as long as you need them to. Your Aga is also a great way to keep gravy and sauces warm until you need to serve them.

It has its own character

Seriously! You’ll soon find out. Each Aga has its own warm up and cool down creaks and clicks, as well as the comforting rattling of the pot lids. You’ll come to rely on it so much you’ll even give it a name before the first year is out.

You’ll find you actually save money on heating and cooking

They give out gentle heat all day and this permeates throughout the house so you may find you don’t need to turn up the central heating on the top floors, or during the day at the weekends. It also makes mornings warmer, too.

Your toast will be transformed

Although you do have to be careful, as it can char very quickly. However, if you get your timings right you’ll have crisp on the outside and soft on the inside perfect toast. Electric toasters can dry out bread if they’re not fast enough.

It’s effortless and convenient

Very often, your Aga will be turned on (if you have a timer, however, you can vary the heat and schedule) and this means it’s always ready to go without waiting for it to warm up. If you need to roast some potatoes, or warm through a stew, it’s done. You can also use the bottom oven as a slow cooker – prep the food in the morning and it’s ready for when you come home hungry. There’s something special about Aga-cooked food, too; it doesn’t dry out in the same way oven-cooked food does. Roasts are always moist, as are cakes.

You either already know this or you’re about to find out!


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