Effective ways to keep birds out of your fruit and vegetable patch

Any gardener or person who grows their own fruit and vegetables will know how frustrating it is to find out that a bird has been picking at your crops. Birds are notorious for eating fruit and vegetables that are grown in patches and can sometimes even destroy the crop altogether. Here are a few effective ways to keep birds out of your fruit and vegetable patch.


Putting a scarecrow next to your fruit and vegetable patch is a great way of scaring birds away. Whether you are buying a scarecrow or making your own you must make sure to move it around regularly, so birds do not get used to it being in the one spot. It is also a good idea to decorate them with bright colours and patterns, that birds will find offensive.

Garden netting

Garden netting is one of the most effective ways of keeping birds out of your fruit and vegetable patches. Garden netting can be used to cover your patches and protect your crops, while still giving them access to water and light. Make sure to use either hoops or pegs to secure the netting around your patches, that way no birds can enter.

Chicken wire

Pinning chicken wire to the ground of your fruit and vegetable patches is also an effective way of stopping birds from eating and destroying your crops. This is a great tip if you have only recently sown your seeds as it will stop birds from scratching the soil and digging the seeds up before they have had the chance to grow.

Garden fleece

Garden fleece works similarly to netting, as it can be used to cover patches, protecting the fruit and vegetable crops from any birds. Garden fleece is much finer than netting and is made from a mesh like material. It is more finely knitted than netting, but still allows your crops to breath and lets in the sunlight and water that they need.

Garden spinners

It is known that sudden movement will scare birds away, therefore many people place objects such as spinners, streamers, and plastic bags next to their fruit and vegetable patches. With any gust of wind, these objects will make a noise which will be enough to scare birds away from your crops. Just make sure that the object is sturdy, so it doesn’t blow away in the wind too easily.


Just like garden spinners, windchimes are great for diverting birds away from crops. Just like their name suggests, windchimes move and make noise when it is windy outside, therefore it may be a good idea for you to hand a couple of these above your fruit and vegetable patches.  Windchimes come in many different shapes and styles, and also look great in your garden too.

Hopefully with these few effective tips you will have plenty of ways to keep those pesky birds away, allowing your beautiful fruit and vegetable patches to grow.

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