Eat Your Way to the Perfect Smile

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, which is certainly applicable when it comes to the health of your mouth and the perfection of your smile. And if you’re looking to further enhance your smile, visit the Cosmetic dentist in Marlborough for the best treatment options.

Most of us know that eating a healthy diet will be good for our waistline and great for our general health, but we never really think about eating well for good mouth health, unless we’re thinking about limiting sugar. This is such a shame because it is perfectly possible to eat your way to a perfect smile. Here’s how:

A Daily Dose of Dairy

Dairy products contain calcium, which is great for making teeth and bones stronger. If you can drink a couple of glasses of milk a day (soy and nut milks also contain calcium, if you prefer) you will be well on your way to a healthier mouth and you’ll never have to worry about frantically looking at your available options for emergency dentists as you suffer a terrible toothache again! If you can tolerate dairy, it is also a good idea to eat a small piece of cheese after every meal. Not only will it help to boost your calcium intake, but the caseins in cheese are believed to neutralize acid in the mouth, and help to repair enamel.

Eat Your Greens and Beans

Did you know that many leafy greens, like spinach, also contain calcium? Not only that but greens and beans (lentils, haricot, kidney) also require more chewing than most other foods, and since saliva will clean and neutralize your mouth, adding them to every meal is a great idea.

Savor a Strawberry

We don’t usually think of fruit in terms of its tooth whitening abilities, but strawberries are an exception. You see, strawberries contain malic acid, which is able to whiten tooth enamel. So, if you don’t fancy going to the cosmetic dentist any time soon, and you don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your teeth, try using strawberries instead!

Chew Gum

Chewing sugar-free chewing gum helps to clean your teeth by stimulating the production of saliva. Your saliva may not seem like a miracle substance, but it will get rid of acids in the mouth which weaken the teeth, cause bad breath and contribute to infections.

Drink More Water

We all know that soda is really bad for the mouth, so if you don’t want to end up at the dentist with cavities and signs of tooth decay, start drinking more water. Not only is water calorie free and totally tooth friendly, but it will also wash away stuck food and acid following a meal. Some places even add tooth strengthening fluoride to the water for an extra boost. If you live in one such area, drink the tap water rather than bottled, to maximize water’s mouth boosting benefits.

Switching to a healthier diet isn’t easy, but it is very much worth the effort, especially when it comes to maintaining the perfect smile that will light up and room! 

3 thoughts on “Eat Your Way to the Perfect Smile

  1. So I am constantly looking for better ways to improve my oral health and the appearance of my smile and these tips are just fantastic! After reading your tips I Googled some information about strawberry teeth whitening and tried it, I don’t think the results are quite what you’d get from a cosmetic dentist in Pasadena, TX but you truly can see a difference! I would say it worked about as good as some of the strips I’ve purchased from Walmart, best of all it tastes GREAT! Do you know of any other foods/beverages that can also whiten teeth? I’d love to learn more.

  2. Hello Heather,

    It is very informative blog, you shared! As i drink lot of coffee & other drinks, so because of that i think, my teeth have yellowish color! So, could you suggest that what I should do for teeth whitening?

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