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Easy Ways to Plan an Inexpensive Wedding

We all know that wedding days don’t come cheap. They can be pretty much the most expensive ‘party’ that you will throw for all of your friends and family members. So if there are a few ways to save, then it certainly can help. A lot of people can be put off by a DIY wedding. But do you know what, it is what is going to save you money in the long run? It can be time and effort, but you can have your wedding just as you want it, and save on the money that you spend. So what are some top ways to be thrifty when planning a wedding? Here are some of my ideas.

Easy Ways to Plan an Inexpensive Wedding

Make Your Own Invites

Making your own save the date cards or invites can save quite a bit of cash. Having them printed out professionally can cost a lot of money. So doing it yourself is the cheaper way to go. If you’re not super crafty, you can still design them online, at sites like Canva. If you do like to get creative, then get your cardstock, lace and glue gun out! It can even be something that you and your bridesmaids can do together, or you and your fiance. Just do a little research beforehand, though. Having a rough draft will help you to make sure that you can get all of the right information onto the invite that you need, as it would be pretty disastrous to miss anything off. If you’re not sure what you should include, then look it up online. For example, here is the right way to word and address your wedding invitations. Then you can get it just right.

Make Your Own Guest Book

It seems like when you say something is for a wedding, the prices get hiked up. So even something like a guestbook can cost a lot of money. But there are plenty of crafty ways that you can make a guestbook. It could be in the form of a scrapbook that you put together with photos of the two of you. Then the guests can sign in between the photographs. You could draw a tree on a canvas and then have the guest leave a thumbprint as leaves on it. You could take Polaroid photos on the day and have the guest sign them and put into a homemade photo album. There are so many options! So just choose what you would like and go from there.

Make Your Own Veil or Bridesmaid Crowns

If you want to save money, then you can get crafty in other ways than just paper craft. If you enjoy sewing or know someone else that does, you could get some organza material quite cheaply. Then you could make your own veil. Hand sew a few sparkles or lace on, and you’ll have a one of a kind piece. You could even look online at how to make a flower crown for your bridesmaids, or even for yourself.

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