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Easy Tips To Keep Your Home Clean

Everyone prefers to have his or her house clean and organized. Unfortunately, a lot of us spend much of our time at work and when we get home, we are too tired to pick up a brush and scrub. Not everyone can afford to pay for private cleaning services, so instead of relaxing and having fun on the weekends, some of us use up the free time to finally clean the house.

In this article, Pristine Home will share some of their best experience, as home cleaners in Sydney, for cleaning any home quickly and easily. These quick and easy tips can also help jump-start a daily habit to keep your house clean without exerting too much time and effort.

Clean your Bedroom

The bedroom is a good starting point for cleaning your house. There is no need to spend too much or over commit on decorations to make your bedroom look better, you can simply make the bed and arrange your things in an orderly manner and that will surely improve the room’s overall look. You can effortlessly fold your blankets, tuck your sheets in and fluff up the pillows, and yet doing these simple things can significantly improve the outlook of the room.

Do your Laundry Daily

You will not have a high stack of dirty laundry to face every weekend if you can just wash some of them each day. Try using a laundry sorting hamper to help you prioritize which clothes you should wash first and which clothes can still wait until the weekend. Start by doing at least one load of laundry per day, and adjust accordingly if you feel that you still have spare time.

Clean Up After Eating

There are times when we get home too tired from work that after eating, we feel like we don’t have enough energy to clean up after ourselves. This is how dirty kitchens and dining rooms happen. Aside from making your kitchen look messy and erratic, dirty counter tops full of crumbs and leftover food can also serve as a friendly environment for germs and bacteria, threatening your health in the long run. Wash the dishes right after your meals so that they will not pile up on the sink. Washing two to three dishes per meal is a lot more doable than being faced with an overwhelming stack of dirty dishes on the weekend. It is also much easier to remove food particles and oil stains from the dishes shortly after eating than after leaving the plates exposed for hours.

Cleaning up post-meal does not end with washing the dishes. Empty the dishwasher regularly and always clean your kitchen counters with all-purpose cleaners to get that maximum clean. If you own a kitchen sweeper, use it to clean off the surfaces in the kitchen and the dining area. Otherwise, you can manually pick up and put away any remaining clutter from the dining table or kitchen counters.

Change your Floor Mats, Carpet

The floor is naturally a great absorber of dirt, especially if you often have visitors in the house. If you do not have the time to regularly vacuum your floor, you can instead opt for floor mats placed inside and outside every external door to minimize the dirt carried around by everyone’s shoes and sandals.

In choosing a carpet, aside from considering costs, try to think about what you usually have to clean off your floor and how each carpet type helps with that. For example, if you own pets and the fur they shed is high on the list of things you normally sweep off the floor, the best carpet might be the nylon kind because it is durable, easier to clean, well-woven and resistant to most stains. Polyester carpets can be a nightmare for dog owners due to being prone in pilling and shedding.

The secret to keeping the house clean is establishing a daily routine that you can keep up with. The more you clean around the house each day, the less you will have to do on your weekends. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above can help you start off on your routine, which you can always adjust to better suit your priorities.

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